Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Its Valentine’s day tomorrow.

Every single magazine, news daily that I came across today had something (?), actually too many glaring articles about Valentines day and loads of gifting ideas, promotions and what not. There were a couple of articles asking what plans for tomorrow to its beloved readers and if they are prepared for the day. Infact, even my Beauty Parlour had some offers for my loved one( albeit an Caveat, which said if the bill amount is more than Rs. 500/-).

Why is Valentine’s day so commercialized ? And by a Valentine everyone seems to be hinting about a lover, a partner or may be a friend ( or is this my ignorant minds understanding??)

I was wondering who my Valentine is and I realized I don’t have just one but many and this thought reminds me about my Sun sign reading this morning in the newspaper. Incidentally, the astro numerologist who wrote this column also told the readers what their partner will be like and how to woo their lover based on their sunsign. Even he hints at partner or lover… so I am not totally wrong in my understanding of what I read all over the place.

Coming back to my sunsign predictions, it starts like this.. It isn’t impossible for Geminis to love more than one person at a time. ( Good, He clarified a major fact there and all I need to do is to blame my Sun sign. Lucky me.) Geminis look for love and tenderness ( ahhh.. that’s a good point too..) and the predictions go on..

So got my point about multiple Valentines that I was hinting at earlier? I decided to go over my list of valentines this year and here I go..

And I start with my Lord. I have the most open conversations with him. Really open and honest. Actually there is no choice about being open and honest. Its lovely to have those conversations. I am sure he is my first Valentine. Always. Infact, I remember, even my first blog was about him. Then I guess I love myself the most in this entire world. Think of it, all of us love ourselves, and why cant I be my own Valentine ? For all the self talk I do, the company I give myself and the space I long for myself, I guess I deserve to be my own Valentine.

Then there is the obvious, my beloved Joe. Been my strength, motivation for long years, been my valentine from the day I knew him, and probably the only one in the true sense of it ( I mean the commercial sense ). And there is Dennu, of course. A very important part of my life and sometimes I think he is atleast now my purpose in life. My parents, truly my loved ones, and I would bet my life on them before marriage and didn’t have “ a commercial sense” Valentine then and they made most of my world and my decisions in life. I am also wondering when exactly in the last 16 years of my marriage, did they drop down to their current positions?  Funny, but true.  Like the varying climatic changes, TRP ratings and stock markets these things change too... 

My siblings, my brother and sister are also my valentines. We love each other, though we all express it differently and I am glad to have an additional bro and sis in their partners and I would consider them my valentines too. And wait how did I miss my two little nephews?

And as I just finished with my family circle, there are a whole host of my cousins, friends, their partners and lovely children whose faces go on as frames in my mind. And that’s a huge list.

So It looks like Anupam V Kapil’s prediction atleast about Gemini’s are so very true, looking at this big list .. “ Its not impossible for Geminis to love more than one person at a time “.  I should be thanking my stars, or is it the Sun, for this prediction. See ya and a great Valentines day for all those reading this. May you be blessed with a big Valentine’s day list and don’t forget to add yourself.

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