Saturday, September 18, 2010

First of its kind in my life - Someone wrote a Poem for me !!!!

It was yet another Personal Effectiveness Programme.  With the content too familiar, and the timings quite hectic, I was prepared for yet another hectic session that week. This session is especially hectic as it is spans 30 hours in the week over a period of 5 days and covers Communication, Thinking skills,  Time management, Business Etiquette and finally Goal Setting.  Also involves a lot of interaction, activities on all days and one on one sessions with most partipants.

Like in all sessions, when the session begins, the energy flows in automatically when I interact with the participants and that was a week of interesting effort.
This batch was no extra ordinary, a typical software crowd, but most of them  had the willingness to learn and interact and refine themselves. End of the week, the participants were happy, they liked the session and I was also content that I delivered a good session. The last day when we were winding up, one of the participants came and told me that he has written a Poem for the way I had handled the session.

And he went on to read his poem.  I was touched, happy and had one of those "emotional moments".   But you see, I was a facilitator and I guess I pulled it off pretty well.  

Here is the poem...

I am sure Haja Mohammed does not know, no one has written a poem exclusively for me.. till date !!!

For those who do not understand Tamil, ( in which the poem is written), he has described the five modules that i had handled poetically ( in chaste Tamil) and finally has said, " You will succeed definitely, since the facilitator is Vincy"

Thursday, September 02, 2010

To my bestest friend !!!

Surprise is your middle name – I have figured that out over a period of time.

Smiles, laughters, Surprises, Appreciations, Heartaches, tears along with all those long chats, small fights, periods of silence there has been a lot of ups and downs. I guess I know you pretty well, but you are always unpredictable. You turn up like a bad (good) penny at the most unexpected moment. How very true. The first time you said it, I never expected it to be so true.

You always made me see myself in a different light through your eyes. Bold, Adamant, Emotional, intelligent, quick wit, a sharp sense of humour, gift of the gab, love and care, the list of what I like in you goes on.

There is a bond that you and me share.. just U and Me.

Thankyou for being my best friend. Thank God for making us meet !!

Complete Gibberish !!!

This might look and sound like complete gibberish and it is intentionally done that way.

Airport baggage terminal – Is that where you claim stuff and how???

Geared bicycle inside Orange – unbelievable

15 minute trip to airport

Runway trip

Elliots beach and tharavaad

Tomato Rice and scrambled eggs …mmmmm

First Long drive in the Zen

A walk into Masha Allah

STC : a cool nights breeze on the shoulder

Maanasarovar – evening moon

I will turn up like a bad penny!!!

Is it Vincy comma Joseph or Vincy Joseph??

Surprise !!

It was an unexpected ride
an offer to drop me home
The ride was Joyous
and you dropped me at the gate
I got into our home
Plonked onto the bed
Wondering why you never came in
And then I heard the bell.

Looking through the keyhole
My heart skipped a beat
I was all smiles and blushing
At the unexpected surprise

Couldnt beleive it was happening
And asked you to have lunch
I held my composure
and in the inside I was dancing

I still remember what your eyes told me
And those keep me going
Even today
on days everything else looks grim and terse

Vincy Joseph