Friday, February 18, 2011

25 ridiculous reasons why I havent heard from you

1. Someone pushed you from the flight you were travelling and you are still orbiting Stratosphere – stay there !!

2. You are dead and buried and you don’t have a mobile with you.

3. You are out of your mind – which you anyway were he he he

4. STML ( Short Term Memory Loss) has claimed you after you hit the bottom of a swimming pool. Or is it Selective Amnesia?

5. You are jailed under unbailable offence for petty crime and have no access to your handset in your cell :-) the only hope is to expect a call when you get released.

6. You fell into a pothole while walking on the road and no one has pulled you out yet.

7. You were reading and went into a trance and have not recovered till date

8. You are lost and couldn’t make it back home and have left your mobile at home.

9. You have been kidnapped and are held at ransom. Noone is willing to pay the ransom to get you back.

10. An ET has taken you on a visit to its residence in space and they have mistaken you for their relative. They got you to stay there.

11. You have gone insane – isn’t that the same as being out of your mind? But I need 25 weird reasons!

12. Your mobile is stolen and have no way of getting my number back.

13. You have been swallowed by an Anaconda and you are still trying to get out through its mouth which you are not able to.

14. You are stranded in this island near the artic region and the signal strength is bad.

15. While visiting Zoo, you realized you belong there and decided to stay with your kind of beings

16. You are lost in the sea, when you wandered there one morning and haven’t been able to track your way back home. You are somewhere close to Uganda. ( no specific reason for choosing that part of the globe)

17. You haven’t woken up from Shavaasana that you were practicing during Yoga sessions in a long time now.

18. You night walked dreaming of bungee jumping and jumped off a bridge. You are still lying down there with a couple of broken limbs and appendages.

19. You woke up one morning and realized you became deaf, mute and a complete idiot.

20. You asked the waitress at a restaurant for an extra seat for an imaginary friend and got clobbered. Yet to recover from the damages. You didn’t know she was a part time weight lifter.

21. You have gone blind and do not have the inclination to ask for help to get my number. Remember you are already deaf & mute and… in point 19.

22. You were wondering why the Frisbee was getting bigger and it hit you and blew the daylights out of you. You are still wondering !

23. You lost your charger and haven’t been able to charge your phone ( that’s so lame but you see I have a target)

24. You woke up one day opposite gendered and you are embarrassed to call me in your new voice. ( I really like this one !!)

25. The time machine went backwards in your life and you are just an year old and my parents are yet to be married :-)

Hmmm...  I enjoyed doing this !!!

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