Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Rajini Fever

Last Friday 22nd of July was the release of “Thalaivar’s”  movie titled Kabali.

I know. 

Old news. 

If you are in India, chances are, you know all about this movie and by now you must have read atleast 10 reviews about it.  I am waiting for my blog friend Gils’ review of the movie.  

My city Chennai, where the Thalaivar belongs  was in a frenzied mode last week  – even the roads, were bubbling with activity.  The RJ’s of every Radio station worth its salt had to run some shows on the movie for at least a week.   I was surprised that the organisation that I work for is also running some games from last week for Kabali fans.  Here is a sample for you.

I just figured out that there was a Movie theatre on my way to work and I have been travelling that route for the last couple of years and have never noticed it, for the life of me.  On 22nd, I saw a big rush in a particular spot which normally goes unnoticed during my drive and I also saw cops there managing the crowd.  Initially I thought there must have been an accident  but only when I saw Kabali posters I realised that was/ is a theatre.

Anyway FB is filled with FDFS for Kabali from almost everyone whom I seem to have in the friends list.  

FDFS you wonder?  First Day First Show.

I felt like the odd one out amongst so many hard-core fans around me – workplace, neighbours, friends, relatives.  Some of my elite friends in US were having special screening for small groups of people.  I wonder how they manage that.  I didn’t feel like watching the FDFS – no not even a  remote wish.  Even  If I got a ticket, I want really interested. Not that I attempted to get one.  Dennu, my college kid was just like me.  No talk about FDFS for  Kabali not the later shows.   On Friday evening he was narrating how one of his friends in class was crying because she couldn’t watch FDFS but managed to get tickets at a theatre called Albert the next day and my son apparently seems to have advised her not to go to that theatre as the crowd that normally come there is not their “TYPE”.  ( I should figure out how he got to know that – that is for a later day)

But all these rage for Rajini got me back into my childhood

Wind back to CIRCA late 70’s / early 80’s

I must have been in class 4 or so and I was a true blue Rajini fan.  Hmm yes.  You heard me right.

There were two popular south Indian actors then, my generation of those days of yore, who we would  vie for  - Kamal Hassan or Rajinikanth.  Amongst my cousins who were my bum chums, we had two groups the Kamal fans and the Rajini fans.  Every Sunday after the evening mass, we ( four families) get together in my Uncles house on the way to church and the kids get to play and the elders get to chat.  Television had not penetrated our families and we got to do some real time bonding activities.

One of the activity that I remember was the animated story telling.  My older cousin ( he must have been in his 8th or 9th standard) would narrate to us stories of the movies that he gets to see.  And he was the head of our Rajini Fan club.  He watched only Rajini movies. 

His narration would start with even the title screens  “Tan-ta-daaan”  starring Rajinikanth, the directors name etc.,. Fights go with the “ Dishoom Dishoom “  sound, when there is an animal in the movie then the sound of the animal is mimicked like the Gallop of the horses or the trumpet of an Elephant, hand gestures thrown in liberally,  every shot is explained in detail which includes Rajinis dresses, his unique mannerisms, his hair styles, his accessories, every accompanying sound track and we the Rajini fans would be mesmerised to a point where we had  gooseflesh on us.  The story telling would go on until we get the call from our parents to get back. Usually a movie will go on for more than 4 or 5 weeks and I remember imagining those scenes in my head, much after the story was told. The subsequent Sunday I also remember  helping the narrator with the point where he had stopped.

Memories of my younger-mesmerised-Rajini-Fan-Self came flooding back and  a smile is plastered on my face.  Most Rajini fans around me are relating it to the movie’s release. :-)


I should call Gijo Chetan and tell him how much he is remembered.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


You hover around silently but deliberately
Rarely making your presence felt
This is certain though
That you will get to me some day. 

Do you spare anyone at all?
But alas like everyone else, I move on
Flouting you in my ignorance
Even when you take hold of others 

You can touch me anytime
As time speeds on as usual
Every day is a step closer to you
Do I even fathom  this ? 

I think of you, my friend
Often these days
I don’t know why
Making me pray for an easy transition 

Your cover now is intact, the mask in place
The quiet predator is on the prowl
An universal truth, yet a mystery
But one day, the cover will be blown!!
Vincy Joseph