Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Just between You and Me

We all have these little somethings that only just two of us know right?  and we tell ourselves just between you, me and the lamppost!

The other day while driving I recalled a memory of a random act that I was accostomed to.  These days most of my brainwaves happen during my driving.  ever noticed?

And unlike what you thought, this was not between me and another person, it was between me and God.  Yes.  So I do certain little somethings and look up in the sky and say to God, just between you and me. The best of my friends wouldn't know about it. remember it was just between the two of us.  A kind act of patience especially when I feel a stranger or another human being does not deserve it, or extending some help, or simply a smile when i dont feel like it mostly to people who I do not know, or in no way could give it back to me,  were those little stuff that I used to offer to God.

Those tiny moments brought in oneness with my creator and used to give such peace & serenity to the mind and I had vowed to myself that I would pile on more such moments.  only to be forgotten and it hit me like a lighning bolt out of the blue and sat wondering when my last " between just you and me moment" with God was.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

In a strange loop

I am back again.

Somewhere around the second week of March is when madness set in.  Always proud of my skills in organising my shelves to life et all, I unceremoniously stooped to a level where I had to order pizza for a friend who came home for lunch, just because I had nothing at home.  I  had just come back from Bangalore after my niece’s birthday celebrations.

Paradoxical literally and I cannot comprehend how I got there. Mental note to myself, remember this and stop bragging about yourself.

Personal travel, Official travel, Work at office peaked to an unbelievable frenzy, three weeks of continuous training and evaluations, amidst all these Maundy Thursday and Easter -  time was slipping through my fingers and I continued to be in a daze. Who was I giving all the mind space to and what  was I thinking ?

Friends and family have started complaining about how I haven’t been in touch with them.  Their whimper didn’t distress me – Yes I was lost in my own strange loop.

Until I got this email delivered into my official mailbox

Subject :  Disciplinary hearing

This mail is to inform you that you must attend a disciplinary hearing at XXX Technologies Ambatur-4, ODC12, First Floor on 4th May 2017 at 11.30 AM.  The hearing is to consider and discuss disciplinary allegation and misconduct list (you are already aware of).

You are entitled to bring your gang who will be able to comment on witness statements and raise any questions, for further investigation or consideration, as appropriate.

If found guilty to the allegation that we may impose a disciplinary sanction up to and including an amount we decide appropriate.

The hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Our Disciplinary Procedure and the hearing will be chaired by Her Highness Mala Ramaswamy and Her Highness Deepa Vasudevan will also be present.

Please acknowledge receipt and confirm you will attend hearing as scheduled.  You are reminded that failure to co-operate in this process including failure to attend hearing may itself be disciplinary offence resulting in further disciplinary action.

Yours sincerely,
Disciplinary committee

I had to check the mail id of the sender of this email twice.  Venkat who sent me this email, Mala and Deepa are all bosom buddies at work and imagine they want to take disciplinary action against me for misconduct ( not keeping in touch with them). ROFL.

You know why I am telling you all these, right? 

The biggest crime I am guilty of is that I missed being on the virtual Travel with Ramesh.  I remember I went with him in his last trip virtually to the seven sister states and how much I enjoyed it.   Thankfully I can go back to it, now that I have woken up from my slumber.

Post Script:

You should give it to me for the creative ways of getting back to my blog after a break.  Don’t you agree?