Friday, February 25, 2011

My choice !!!

You roam my mind aimlessly
As a Ghost
Is it because you got killed
In the Gallows of my mind?

Logic prevails
Reasoning stands out
Its all too obvious
But the heart is a silly machine

Sometimes its as though it
Has no memory at all
Of the pain or agony
That others cause it

Its surprising to see
Telepathy exists acutely
Love has not vanished
And the longing is still there

Would you ever know
The extent of my passion
Love, and care
Only to feel taken for granted, finally

When tears spoke the language of grief and
I felt the taste of Betrayal
And with every death of hope
I died a little too

Betrayal does it
It Betrays the betrayer.
Love does it too
It takes pleasure in giving more and more

It’s all a joke for you
You say some unrelated stuff
And make me smile
And miss out the pain behind the smile

I am magnanimous enough
To bear the brunt
To Simply say
Its My Choice !!

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