Thursday, February 24, 2011

Signs from above !!!

Sometimes I sound so silly that I wonder whether I have ever grown up really in life.

I don’t know if I can consider the following incident among those silly things that I do and experience in life.

Something has been nagging my mind for sometime now and I was trying to get over the damn thing and it just keeps coming back, how much ever I try pushing it out of my mind. Its like this - try holding a simple glass of water for a minute. It does not bother you much. Try holding it for an hour, and your hands starts aching.. terribly. Continue holding it longer, though the glass of water is not by itself, that heavy, it creates so much of frustration and pain, its impossible to distract yourself from the ‘ pain in the wrong place feeling’ of holding that glass of water. The stuff that is nagging me is as important to me as water :-), but it is actually a very silly thing. I am sure I didn’t make much sense there. But it was meant to be that way !

And this week has been hectic with sessions every single day at work, and on top of it there was a customer presentation and there was some stuff that was incomplete which I needed to finish on priority. With all these in the back of my mind, I began my day starting to go to church and there was this rain, all of a suddent from nowhere. Hubby dear told me, how can you go to church in this rain and all my resolve vanished and I decided against going to church.

Thats when my friend called and offered a drop to office,( his presentation to the customer was immediately after mine) which I was quite happy to accept, as I can reach office earlier, actually much earlier for the customer presentation. So I started on time, waited for my friend, only to get a call from him telling me that he is stuck in traffic and it would be better that I go by the office bus otherwise both of us would miss the time together.

Disappointment !! – On second thoughts it was fine as I was quite early to catch my shuttle. And of all days, the shuttle had to arrive late, today. Have you noticed that I always have second thoughts, is it a characteristic of Gemini? The funnier part I also have third, fourth and believe me nth thoughts on the silliest stuff in the world. Ok – Let me focus !

The reason why I am elaborating all this is to highlight the fact that my tension levels were slowly but steadily increasing. When tension mounts self doubt creeps in. I was wondering the leaders are going to be there in the hall – COO, CPO & CMO and the customers. Will I be able to make the presentation well etc., etc., And then I looked up and asked God, I am worried, looks like I am alone in this whole thing… and really was looking for support.

That’s when I saw a Navy blue Maruti 800 passby my Shuttle and on it in very visible bold letters it was there. I heard him speak to me. And the message was

“ No Matter how far you are from GOD, he is just a prayer away “

I felt so blessed. This is overwhelming – Almighty talking to me so very directly?

No reading between lines, no clues, no guesses, no assumptions. Just plain direct one on one communication. And what more do I need? I felt so safe, so protected, I didn’t feel alone any more.

I felt energized instantly. My fears vanished ‘cos I know my Lord is just a prayer away. I could be in the conference room, discussions with who’s who in this world, in any kind of situation and there He is, ‘ just a prayer away’.

It touched me all the more ‘cos the entire last week during my conversations with the Lord, I kept asking him, ‘Show me a Sign’ and help me decipher it.

Why would the Lord love me so much? This lesser mortal being. This very person who depends so much on worldly passions, ignores the Lord so much, with dependencies on people who are so very hypocritical and yet, when I was stranded he cares enough to respond to me, just like that – so instantly.

With this renewed faith, happiness, Top of the world feeling ( Imagine the almighty talking to me !!!) needless to say, I did well in the presentation and the day was Rocking contrary to what I had anticipated.

And I continue feeling Blessed. And I thank Lord for not allowing me to grow out of these little miracles of every day life.

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