Thursday, November 17, 2016

Some conversations between Dennu and me

Its not like I completely abandoned this place because there are some posts in their draft forms that indicate that blogging has been in the back of my mind.  Here is one post that has some unexpected quirkiness thrown to a very unsuspecting mom by her adult son.  My sonny boy is no more a teenager - he is an adult from last April.  :-) :-)

Mamma: After serving  him Tea in his room sometime back, asks “  Dennu where is the tea cup
Dennu:  I washed it and kept in the sink
Mamma:  almost fainting.. but sees Dennu coming to the kitchen with the cup.  Why did you say that?
Dennu:  Just to give that grateful feeling for a minute J 

Mamma while driving:  Do you like me in short hair or long hair
Dennu:  It doesn’t matter ma, you annoy me all the same.

Dennu: So, you bought chocolate bars for Nidhi.
Mamma: yes
Dennu: Where are mine?
Mamma:  You are not a baby
Dennu:  Then why don't you buy me a bottle of beer?
Mamma: stunned look

Dennu baby is driving the car.  Mamma at the edge of the seat.  
Dennu:  I need to put a special sign on the car when I am driving with you.
Mamma :  what sign?
Dennu:  Don’t Honk.  Mamma in the car.

Dennu speaking late night to a friend.  Multiple attempts to highlight the time. Finally call ends.
Mamma:  Don’t these children on the other end have parents checking on them?
Dennu:  Ma, these Cliched “mom” statements do not suit you.  I keep telling my friends I have a cool mom at home.
Mom wondering whether it is a compliment or something else.

Mamma all excited, shows the picture of her niece Nidhi and herself, hugging each other during their recent trip. Nidhi is his little cousin and his favorite too.
Expecting a sooooo cute.. from Dennu.  Dennu is quiet for a while then murmurs
Held against will?

The most recent one - last evening 
Mamma returning from office after a tired days' work.
Dennu:  Ma, I need to buy something.
Mamma: what baby?
Dennu: Beard oil.
Mamma: What?  (  I heard that for the first time, btw)


  1. ha ha.. good ones Vincy...
    So happy to see your posts.. keep it coming...

    1. I am making peace with myself, coming here.

      Will definitely try :-) :-)

  2. Ha ha. Yes, they grow up too fast , don't they. Transitioning from a parent to a "friend" must be especially difficult for moms.

    1. Yes Ramesh - they do grow up pretty fast.

      In my case, Dennu sees me more as a friend than as a Parent (compared to his father ) and so sometimes I have difficulty if i am drawing the line at the right place.

  3. rotfl...he is turning out to be the next Seinfeld :D:D

  4. These are some that I remember - more that i have forgotten.


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