Sunday, November 20, 2016

A painful rememberance

When I first got introduced to this friend, there is something that was spoken, and it had struck me as something unique and something no one has said to me, till date.   We both were working from different cities and after the official meet and the chirpy voice came in and said, Hey Vincy Bye for now.  but you know what, I will turn up like a bad penny.

We went on to become best pals for more than a decade and a half.  Unfortunately, things went downhill a week back. Today while I was digging my draft posts, long forgotten, I came across this poem, written with this same friend in mind, and in essence it tuned up like a bad penny, I should say.  

Would you believe me if I tell you
I am in a constant monologue with you ?
Sharing my life’s moments, little aspirations
Memories, dreams, fears and even insignificant stuff?

Would you believe me if I tell you
I live in a make-believe world
And you are a beautiful part of it.
Everything that I have ever asked for

Would you believe me if I tell you
You piece me together when I am broken
Give me new horizons to look for and
Set my benchmark ever high so I can reach them

Would you believe me if I tell you
I feel worthwhile when I listen to you
Often realising my own worth
That has lost its sheen in my own eyes

Would you believe me if I tell you
I am so thankful you are in my life
Though I may not ever say it to you
And there’s no chance you will read this

What I believe in is the fact
That none crosses our path  without HIS plan
and you my friend
are definitely no coincidence.

Vincy Joseph


  1. Vincy it is so beautiful.. I totally totally understand what you are going through right now, I have gone through it and still reeling under it I have also written about it, some people walk into our life then become a very important part and then suddenly this happens.. believe in him Vincy.. you will get your answers soon , as you always do.. lots of love and hugs to you dear...

    1. Yes, our beliefs are our big solace. Maybe we go through pain so that we remember our creator.


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