Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Back after a break

Do you look for the old familiar spots when you are stressed out?

Do you feel like getting back to your own space, when you feel the whole world is turning in on you?

Do you  take comfort in the memory of soft-worn things  when you feel intimidated?

Wondering why all these seemingly unrelated questions?

A blend of insanity, loneliness, grief, guilt and  turmoil.  It is all these reasons which brought me here - to my own space, that is a perfect mix of anonymity and familiarity. And looks like much water has flown under this bridge, I mean, a lot of posts written by other blog friends.  My blog friend Rekha has joined the NaBloPoMo and this is her second blogathon this year.  Hurray!!! I am so excited to see the posts.  Looking forward to reading all those.  

Gilsu as usual is on a blogging spree and yes looks like i got a lot to read there too.  Ramesh, ( as Gilsu fondly refers our thala) wanted to let you know, that I miss your enlightening posts.  Especially during this uncertain and troubled times around the world, not just in our nation, your insights would help lesser mortals like me.  and its that time of the year for your trip. isnt it?

Just posting how I feel, has made me feel better.

and yes I know, this too shall pass. 


  1. hey Vincy, Hugs dear... of course this too shall pass..prayers and love for you always...
    Yes I joined the blogathon so that I somehow keep alive my blog.. but its fun though quite challenging, my writing has come to a trickle and I think might stop soon.. next blogathon you are going to join ok...take care

  2. Thank you rakha,for the prayers (much needed - keep me safe there) and the hugs.

    And yes that's a promise i will join your next blogathon.

  3. A big hug and all the comfort we can give you, judging from the tone of your post. You are a dear and how can anything that is not rosy and full of sunshine ever come near you.

    Awwwww . You are very kind as always. Will return to blogging in the not too distant future.

    Now that you are back in your comforting place, keep coming here for sometime. And put a few vigorous comments on Gilsu's posts !

    1. Yes this virtual space and the warm souls who are part of this are certainly comforting.

      and Yes i plan to be back. Ramesh, truly looking forward to your blogging comeback.


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