Monday, November 01, 2010

Aquatic beings

They are such a pleasure to watch. They go around playing with each other and to me it seems they wait for me.  The moment I give them their due, they are all over the place gobbling up those tiny specks of coloured balls - with a little caution in the air, even with me.  It is interesting to watch them swim up to the surface, catch a food ball in their mouth and dive back to the safety of the depths of the little aquarium.

I am their full time care taker and their ardent admirer. To me they are such wonderful stress busters.  Watching them swim around gracefully around the flower shaped aquarium calms me immensely and clears my mind.

The aquarium sits in the middle of our tiny space that we call 'Garden' and is an outdoor one. The whole bunch of them  are bright orange and one guy in there, the black demon is a survivor.  He was alone for almost half-a-year and now is quite healthy and energetic and have welcomed the new comers diplomatically. 

Initially while cleaning the tank I used a strainer to transfer them to a different container, but later I found that holding them with the cup of my palms is almost theraupatic in nature for me.  So I hold them, touch them, whisper sweet nothings to them during our cleaning sessions in the weekend and enjoy the ticklish feeling of these slippery ones squiggling in my hand.

I hope they like my garden and my care. My darling fishes are my only pets at the moment.  Dont they look cute?

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