Sunday, October 31, 2010


These are a few of my favourite things…..

Blue skies
Dads voice
Night Mass
Soft Pillows
Moms Love
Clean house
Finger Rings
New dresses
French Braids
Rocky’s looks
Cabin at CMS
Kalamkari Print
Long Road trips
My darling fishes
Rolly polly puppies
Monsoon in Kerala
Ammama’s fish curry
Butter Fruit milk shake
Ammachi’s Achappam
Everything  about  Potta
Self Made Prawn  Curry
Wheeling on our  old bike
Eating from a plaintain leaf
The vainly breaking waves
Unending deep blue ocean
Going through Photographs
Bonaventure Block at SMC
Silent Chapels and Churches
Watching TV with an abandon
Pillion driving on a bike with Joe
Passing clouds with fog and mist at Yercaud
Old Cemetries – I feel very philosophical there
Freshly made beds with crisp white cotton sheets
Pitter patter of rain from Potta house on the Kalam
PTC buses–have spent a lifetime travelling while studying
Smell of new clothes, books, Petrol and Mehendi
Theatre style classrooms at Stella Maris College
Walks in long winding roads in hill stations
Ancestral 85 year old house at Potta
The thick greenery and forests
Joe’s maneuvers while driving
Trichur Accent of my cousins
Symmetrical Body Massage
Neatly arranged Wardrobe
Fireworks in the night sky
Hands and feet of babies
Kanji and chammandhi
Well manicured hands
Driving in our new car
Butt cheeks of babies
Mooing of Manguuu
Taste of Blackforest
Talking to my plants
Home sweet Home
South Indian coffee
Room full of books
Listening to Music
Memories of Julie
Painting on Glass
Smell of Poison
Dennu’s smile
Teddy bears
Red colour
Polka dots
Little girls

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