Thursday, November 04, 2010

Who am I?

The question popped up again today.

I remember a blog, years back where I started with this question and didnt proceed any further.  Today there was no escape.  Inspite of palpitations, heavy feeling and discomfort, the question came back to haunt me.

Who am I?

Who is this person called Vincy?  What are / were my dreams? Have I lived for myself?  Am I  living for the whims and fancies of the people and soceity around me.

What were my dreams and passions? What did I actually want to become?  Will my today's self match with my younger self?  Will my younger Self recognise what Vincy has become?

These questions brought to fore, that I am no where close to my dreams, a truth which I had skillfully avoided all along by not even thinking deep into that question. 

I also realise that if I do not pursue my dreams now, my dreams, hopes, desires and the true purpose of life will continue to remain underground, where I had buried them long back into the deep dark gallows of my past with the aspirations of people around me.

So, now what?

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