Wednesday, November 03, 2010

All Souls Day

Was it the late monsoon rain or was it the flood lights around the Cemetery? The trees were greener and brighter all around.

Inspite of the noise and the lights there was an unexplained eeriness there. I was extra careful in my steps that I took within the cemetery lest I may wake the resting dear departed.

The parish priest of St.Patricks church was announcing in the mike – “ It is not only important that we take care of the houses where we live, we need to ensure we take care of our future home, which is a cemetery” - How very true!

Finally there is no escape for anyone from this final resting place. But do we ever ponder about that while we run around behind umpteen number of frivolous things in this world?

“Our God is a graceful God and is immensely patient. He knows your entire life is a small speck in the universe and is immensely patient towards you “ – the parish priest continued.

My mind was back again to the point of Cemetery being the final resting place – How long for each of us? In which order? How exactly will our end be? Who will come in for my funeral? How will I look then? Will anyone cry for me? Oh.. a lot of uncomfortable questions for which no one has an answer.

Prayer – the only option for peace of mind. But, do I have the time? What an excuse!!

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