Monday, February 02, 2015


Serenity is thy name
you provide companionship with my own insignificant self
helping me to cherish my own company
an opportunity to belong to myself
with my own thoughts
I exist in the depths of my solitude
dreaming awake
truly living the moments that I want
Thy name is bliss
Strength is what I derive to go on in life
when I get time to spend in perfect solitude
million conversations with myself
with no fear of being judged
contemplating the known and the unknown of my mind
Solitude, I submit myself
unto you, and Implore to seek me often.


  1. What was that ?????

    Of course, being alone is a million miles away from bein lonely. Enjoy your solitude :)

  2. This poem was scribbled last saturday, when i enjoyed Solitude after a few months Ramesh. Life had been very hectic with travels, social get togethers and what not. Though it was for a few hours, i enjoyed my own company. ( I realise Vanity is not my virtue )

  3. Noww... now that's something I like, I mean poems any time and this one is so full of emotions. I kow , its actually difficult to take out 'me time', I am glad you did, take care

  4. thank you Rekha. oh yes, so difficult to take time out for oneself especially when you play so many roles in life, a mother, wife, full time working and travelling woman, etc.,


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