Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some trivial stuff

Eat, Pray, Love- the beautiful book by Elizabeth Gilbert has been going with me for a long time now, wherever I went. My son, commented the other day, how long have been reading this book ma? I took an atrocious 3 months or more to complete this book. I enjoyed this book and loved the way Liz could just put down all about her without inhibitions for the whole world to see. This book is an extensive, i guess unadulterated account of her very extraordinary journey for more than a year to three different places.

Some day I wish I could do something like her - travelling for my own sake. :-) I still dont know if I would even enjoy that, but I know if I have to travel it would be across Europe, a back packing trip.

What struck me most was this Italian term Attraversiamo which means Lets Cross over.

I have been lately struggling with a specific relationship with a long time friend. I know we were drifting apart for some time now, but the question is am I giving in too much to keep that friendship just alive. I am not even able to make out if it is an one sided effort. I find myself at an impasse with this friend.

There seems to be a hundred reasons for me to give up on this person, but am I, the only person looking for that one reason to keep this friendship going? To what level should I give in? I keep telling myself, that I do not expect anything out of this friendship, which to a large extent is true. But when you do not expect anything from a friendship, you dont expect to be hurt either, dont you?

I dont deny the fact that there are some wonderful memories that I cannot afford to forget or be thankful for. and the best part is this person has no clue on how I feel, and that is solely because I dont let this person know - my point is may be I am not comfortable with letting this person know how I feel.

Doesn’t that mean, its not a strong friendship? Doesn’t that mean this relationship is falling apart?

I can fight my gut out with my 'true' friends, and go back with a sheepish grin anytime. or I can just decide not to speak and tell my true friends that, and I can undoubtedly believe, that when I make that one call, after months, my true friend will pick that call, even if its midnight and say ' so your time has come baby?' and go on like there was not a break. My true friends figure out there is something wrong with me when I utter the first word.

True friends are a blessing. I try hard to be that true friend to most of the people I believe are my friends.

I wish I could do the Attraversiamo. To just move on, to get to another place, leave behind some good memories of a happy friendship.

Attraversiamo, my friend - Let us cross over. I dont want to get hurt anymore, or dwell on negativity, just trying to keep an one sided friendship alive.


I keep most of my confusions / doubts / fears and transitions to myself. Some of them surface in my conversations. Very few come up in my blog.
I would get over this too. :-)  It may take a while longer to get over Liz though!


  1. Hey , This is one of my all time favourite book and believe me I had exactly the same thoughts that you are having now. I wanted to travel on my own, it may be towards the fag end of life, so be it, but yes, I have tO. I also took quite a while to get over Liz and my favourite part was the romance part ;) apart from the spiritual quest

    About friendships I have gone through this and totally understand your state of mind, do it Vincy, Attraversiamo, it will hurt , it will also give a lot of peace. But later may be after a long time it might make our eyes moist, the happy memories I mean, I have experienced it .

    Take care friend and hugs to you (())

    1. Hey Rekha, who knows we may end up travelling together, as you said in our old ages. :-)

      And yes, I so desperately wanted Liz to be loved, and the Bali part was quite racy.

      and those hugs from you, returned back with all the love. thank you.

  2. Never read the book - maybe now I'll be tempted to pick it up.

    Only you can decide the merits of Attraversiamo, but your friends - both on line and offline will give you a hug no matter what. So take a hug - a big bear hug.

    1. :-)

      Letting go is always difficult, especially when the person is still close to your heart, no matter what.

      And yeah bear-hugs are huge comforters. :-) thank you.


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