Friday, October 05, 2012

Letting go!

I look at the vanishing moon
Amidst all the stars
In the night sky sprayed with them
And am reminded of our friendship

Do you realize it hurts
To remember there was a world
That was just ours
The conversations, fun, pranks and laughter

I know you are moving away
Slowly yet steadily
Intuitively I realise
I am allowing it to happen

Its not easy for me
To let go of you, my friend
You have given me so many memories
To cherish. But yet

I will continue to let the drift happen
Cos if you do not belong to me
Its better to let go
Than to pin you down.

Just want only the best for you
to be happy wherever you are
And if you really belonged to my world
I know you would be back.

Vincy Joseph


  1. Yup, letting go is the best thing

    1. Yeah Bins I know.. And thats exactly what i am doing.

  2. Oh - some deep words. I presume this refers to something real; so the only appropriate comment would be to offer a hug.

  3. kadisila unga pera potrukeengalay..ithu ungaluku neengalay sollikita poema??

    1. Eppidi Gils? How did you find out?

    2. ehhehee...always d birilliant u see :D naanga tutorials kooda brilliant tutorials thaan povom :D:D


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