Saturday, September 29, 2012

Art Attack

I get this periodic pangs of art attack and I indulge myself completely in it. The Quilling that I started earlier and described here, is one such example. I still cannot pinpoint a single reason for these sporadic afflictions, but that does not steal the felicity out of my attempts.

I am yet to figure out how I started glass painting. I had not gone for a class, not seen anyone do it, no I did not watch “You tube” either. I honestly do not remember what inspired me to pick up the material for Glass painting but I just did it. I only remember it was 10 X 10 inches glass and I was impressed with myself when the painting was done. I wanted to frame it and gave it to a person whom I knew did the job.

He took a unprecedented time for a simple framing and when I was losing my cool, more so because of the anxiety to see the final framed painting, he apologized saying that he had framed it in his workshop which was also running a glass painting exhibition of his daughter, and someone bought it for 2000 INR. I didn’t know if I had to feel good or otherwise. He offered me the money and I somehow could not accept it – this was around 8 years back. I couldun’t sell something that I did passionately. That fellow felt so guilty especially when I refused to take  money he gave me two of his daughters' glass paintings, which I still have.

J laughed at me saying “ how in the world do you believe all these stories that others tell you? “. His theory was this, he has either lost it or broken it and knows I would blow my top off if he says so, and hence he gave me this reason. He made you feel so good with this reason, that you even refused the money he offered. Anyway that painting wouldn’t sell for that kind of money. and ended that statement with a sarcastic  HA HA HA. Till date he stands by this theory. Maybe he is right. But wait he might be wrong too.

The Painter and the Painting - Circa 2005
I didn’t lose heart and proceeded to complete this one on the right. I did it on my own – no tutor / no tutorial. A critical hubby is my only proof. This was in the year 2005.

I do remember this though about the painting. I was completely stressed out doing my part time MBA and had a hectic job ( in which I had to learn, innovate, be creative and also travel) and with hubby in Manila for almost one semester and had to manage home and the studies of a Vth grade dynamite.

I started this after my, I guess 3rd semester exam. The painting took atrociously long time and I got totally passionate and involved in the painting, the satisfaction of which acted as a great stress buster. I remember doing this late into the nights after sonny boy slept and had to hide this from him lest he may spoil it. (this takes some time to dry)

The next one was this.

And was done after I completed my final exams and project of my MBA. It was cathartic to say the least – Kind of transition from all that maddening schedules and studies into a different world. I should say, finally all my hard work paid off both with my studies and my painitng. I didn’t dream that I would be the class topper let alone an university Gold Medalist in my MBA.

Both these paintings  had a very prominent place in our earlier home though they are carefully packed and stacked away in our apartment now. Didn’t want to drill holes into immaculate walls of our rented apartment.

Ahhhh.. Just got carried away with my past. I have joined an art class now and I started with a glass painting that includes crystal art. And you know what, it pays to have a Guru. :-) My art teacher taught me a couple of tricks that helped me to complete the outline that I earlier took around 5 to 6 hours in just say one and a half hours.

I am all excited and am waiting for the next class already. I wanted to tell you, all about this when my painting was done, but I could not hold on till then.. :-)  Silly me.


  1. ??!!!@@#$$%
    university gold medallist..quiller..painter...writer!!! innum enalaamga? ivlo podhuma? mayilsaamy mathiri solanumna. ungalukulla...3 picasso..4 davinci...5 shakespeare olinjitrukaanga :D:D:D

    1. Laughed my head off.. reading your comments.

      Thanks Gils. When you listed it down, it actually looks good. have never looked at it that way :-)

      BTW, I am a Jack of few trades and master of none.. I am only too aware of all my shortcomings and am looking at what more can be done. :-) :-)

  2. Of course J was absolutely wrong. No way he broke the glass or lost it. Somebody did indeed buy it for Rs 2000 - the only possible error was that maybe there was a 0 missing in the price he gave you as you wouldn't believe it otherwise !

    Very nice paintings. Although I must say I am struggling from the photo of the painter and painting as to which stands out :)

    1. Ahhh.. am glad you agree with me :-) :-).

      That sure is a compliment and coming from you, Ramesh, is definitely something I would cherish. All smiles now.. :-) :-)

  3. Hi Vincy,

    Came in here from Reflections - Well, reading your post, I felt that I was reading about myself. :D I too am a jack of all trades. I too get seized by some art monster every once in a while. For my daughter's b'day, I surprised her by painting a life-size tinkerbell on her wall!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me a comment. It feels good to know there are many like each one of us and to connect up like this.

      A life sixed tinkerbell? wow.. would love to see a pic of that :-) :-)

  4. Btw, I spent quite a bit of time trying to comment bcos of the word verification thingy. Was a little complicated. :D

  5. i wish i knew a way to make it simpler. :-( :-(

  6. i know a simpler way...REMOVE it... :D

    1. That is the big question.. how do you Remove it?

    2. Fancy me trying to fix someone's hassles on the blog! :D

      Go to your blog's dashboard, Click on 'Settings' and under settings, click on 'Posts and comments'. There is a word verification option. Just select 'NO'. You anyway have opted for comment moderation. So, no comment will be published straightaway.

      Hope I helped.

      P.s: Check my blog. I am inspired. Putting up Tinkerbell. :D

    3. When I wrote about the word verification thing, I wanted to tell u, that I am sure many genuinely interested people might be discouraged from commenting on your blog. I know I nearly was. I tried about 5-6 times before I was successful. :D

    4. @ Bins - Thanks a ton and a ton hugs for taking time to solve this issue for me. truly touched and appreciate you coming back with a soluton.

      I have just removed it and hoping i will get more comments now :-) :-) Cheap thrills of life.

      Will visit your blog. now.. :-) :-)

  7. Agree with Ramesh....ofcourse it was not broken, somebody found it really cool and paid 2k for it:-)).
    Both the painter and the painting are looking absolutely gorgeous in the picture;-D.

  8. Thankyou thankyou... << blushing >>


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