Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A talk at Industry - Institute Conclave

When the invite to be a "Guest-of-honour" came, I was a litte surprised as I wasnt expecting these kind of stuff, while I am in my current organisation.  In the organisation that I had worked earlier, this was common - I regularly travel to various institutions to give them pep talk and speak about how they can prepare themselves to enter into IT industry, the crucial shifts the students need to make in order to be industry ready.
It is Indian tradition to light a lamp before any occasion
and is considered auspicious

While I was happy that I was called to share my 2 decades worth experience in the Industry-Institute Conclave, to let them know what the industry expects from the institute, I wasnt sure what to expect for.  The organising committee happens to be my ex-boss' freinds and everything went without a glitch. The programme was on 9th of June, a Saturday and I was told it will be attended by people from various institutions ( like the heads of institutions, professors and lecturers) and people from IT industry and after a couple of rounds of discussions, I was clear about my target audience.
Yet another Indian Tradition - Ponnadai
A superfine looking cloth generally made of silk in golden
colour used to put around the neck like a garland for
respecting the august presence of a VIP

The talk I prepared and delivered had the central theme of what the IT industry in particular is expecting from the students who are their resources. So my talk had three parts - After breifly touching upon our Indian Education system, the pros and cons I went ahead and focused on  What can Institutions do proactively to prepare students for their career in IT, What can IT industries in turn can do to prepare the Engineering Students and finally what does the IT industry expect from the Campus Force. My talk was laced with my own experiences of dealing with the Freshers and the IT workforce in my previous organisation.

The presentation went on well, good reception, many people ( especially the institute that organised this conclave) told me that they had some good pointers for the current financial year and every one who spoke after me, referred to many of the points that I brought out.  So, I guess it was a good one - I have some pictures of the Conclave that I was into.  Made sure I was formally dressed for the occasion - am rarely draped in a Saree ( traditional Indian dress), and this time I made an exception to be in one.  :-)  thoroughly enjoyed the session. Hopefully that was the case with the audience too.

The Talk by "Guest-of-honour"
I should mention about how a picture of this talk came in some of the the local dailies and more than me, my parents and family ( including my son) were thrilled to bits. :-)

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