Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Wishes in many forms

I still look forward to the birthdays and get all excited when family, friends and loved ones call to wish me, and when I get gifts.  I kept wondering if Joe or Dennu would forget my birthday and if they were planning to buy me gifts and what will those gifts be. Silly me, defnitely the pussilanimous species. I know I am opening up on my blog these days, more than ever, but that's immaterial and  does not matter.  I have decided to let my hair down on my blog and be myself.  Thats the prime objective of me having a blog space in the first place.

So, for more than a couple of weeks I have been wondering if my birthday was on their minds and wondering what their plans are and all my doubts were put to rest, when Joe very lovingly asked me what would I want for the birthday.  I guess all my pent up anxiety just peeped out, just the way children run out of classrooms during recess time,  at that very question and I blurted out a long list to Joe ( the list was so long - number one,  he had a wierd expression on his face and number 2.  after a while I guess, heard him snoring).  He never brought up the topic again, which kept me thinking that i over reacted a bit at the slightest prodding.  anyways.

As a mentioned in the earlier post a couple of days prior to my birthday, my brother and I finalised my dad's surgery and somehow my birthday went deep down in my priority listing and infact, didnt matter anymore.  All I wanted in life was a safe and successful surgery and quick recovery for my dad.  The night before my dads surgery, I just could not sleep and was fretting over the surgery to Joe and didnt let the poor soul sleep till 2.30 in the night.

So i didnt read the midnight messages that came to my message box, or the mails till quite early in the morning, while we were driving to the hospital.  Every call that came, I only saw that as an opportunity to ask for a prayer request for my dad - and am thankful I had many.

My Dad ( and ofcourse, others in the family) wished me before he could be wheeled to the Operation theatre and the day was filled with anxious moments of dad being wheeled out of OT, then to the ICU for observation, his first liquid meal, his first solid meal, all those catheters on him and  left for home in teh afternoon only  to check on my twin nephews who were there with my MIL.
Two little fellas, the dizigotic twins ( like the ones in Arundathi Roy's Novel) completely different from each other in their looks, height, weight and mannerisms, that noone would call them twins if not for the similar clothes that they wear.  One of the little fellows announced to me the other  day, they are just 9 years old, that when they marry they would marry twins.   LOL :-)

So, in the evening my brother kept insisting on me coming back to the hospital and I thought it would be a good idea to get my son and nephews to meet dad at hosptial and was trying to get the three musketeers ready and I found them all huddled together over something and the moment they spotted me got into dumb charades.

Birthday card by Jerry
I quickly asked them to have a wash and get ready and I myself was getting ready, which i can do real quick, and when i walked out of the room, the three musketeers had this for me.  The birthday had gone out of my mind completely and so this took me by complete surprise.  My son had a nice gift for me and big card down there you see in the pictures were his and the pink tissue wishes were the ones my nephews made extempore in less than 5 minutes. So lovely they made use of the stuff around and created birthday wishes for me in a jiffy, the moment they knew Dennu had a card and gift for me.

Birthday Card by Jeffrey
Felt very touched and had some wonderful Mamma melting moments along with the Aunt moments and was unprepared for what was awaiting me at the hospital. The men in the family (Dad, hubby - infact, he had to leave for Delhi in the afternoon on an official visit and bro) planned a little surrpise, which had me with moist eyes.  There was a birthday cake, some pizzas and a nice gift from my parents and brother and I had to cut the cake on the trolley table that is used to serve food for the patient - in full view of the patient and surprisingly it was quite Joyous as I could see my Dad smiling through all this.

Dennu's Card

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