Thursday, June 21, 2012


My dad has been in the hospital this week for a surgery ( actually a couple of them) and is recovering well. I am sure prayers from all corners would help. Readers of my blog, please do say a little prayer for him.

I believe in two things in life from the bottom of my .. hmmm..toe… Number one. Prayers. Number two. Positivity.

The decision for a surgery had to taken in a kind of hurry with my brother in town and wanting to complete in when the legal heir ( LOL :-) )  is present. A comfort for my parents. Gave in to all those sentiments while my brother and I had a lot of discussions in finalizing the dates, hospital and doctor. When it comes to a loved one, we are naturally worried and sought after all the prayers that we can garner for.

Had some nice reverse-parent moments when I was waiting for my dad’s reports to arrive and the doctor proclaimed “ You cant ask for a better report” with all results tilted in his favour. I felt so happy and I realized this was how my parents would have gone through my parent teacher meetings :-)
So it was natural that I called my friends, who are really close and the surgery happened to be on my birthday and it helped when people called, I thanked and asked them for a little prayer in return.

My friend Anita as usual was full of support and strength, inspite of the loss she was going through herself, her aunt had passed away suddenly a couple of days back. We comforted each other – She being so far away does not help.

There were scores of cousins and friends of yesteryears, who kept checking on me and dad, constantly, on how he was recovering and assuring me of prayers.

I should mention about Daniel, who was himself in hospital for his daughters’ appendectomy, constantly checking on my dad.

My friend Petula, surprised that I hadn’t mentioned a word about this surgery so long, asked me about the hospital to visit my dad. So I gave her the address and I knew with my parents she is quite comfortable and my mom called back to tell me later in the evening that Petula brought dinner for my parents when she went visiting.

So touched they were about the dinner, they couldn’t stop speaking about it. Its not the dinner, but the intent behind the dinner that overwhelmed me. Inspite of her busy schedule she could make time for this. It is at times like this you realize the one’s who really care ( however far they are from you) and the ones who don’t.

Feel blessed for friends who care, love and allow me the grace of friendship especially when they themselves are going through tremendous pain. I wish I can bring the same care and comfort to all my friends too.

A birthday at hospital ( my birthday folks was on 18th June - wishes still accepted in cash or kind), nevertheless was joyous, no matter what life throws at you, because there is a lot of joy in having a great family and lovely friends along this ride, called L.I.F.E.

P.S:  Dont forget to say the little prayer for my dad :-)

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