Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blessings come in many packages... you definitely are one of the best !!

For more than a couple of years I have been wanting to wirte a blog post about one of the most important people in my life. Wirting needs that urge to pour out and words then just flow out automatically when a blog topic comes to the mind (atleast in my case) There were many times when I wanted to write about this good friend and for reasons not even known to me I had put off writing this blog for a long time now.

Even before I introduce this friend to you all ( it is as though, I have a great fan  following for my blogspace, that I address my readers with so much flamboyance, pardon my silly fantasies :-), I am well aware I hardly have any, and the number of people visiting the blog post increases just because I keep visiting this space that often ..  LOL ), coming back to the point in discussion, my friend, I have a little note for her.

Did I tell you that I am so grateful that you are in my life?
I do not say it enough, but it is not because I do not feel it. It is hard putting in words, what you mean to me
There are so many things you do, that add up to a big part of my life
I love you and just wanted you to know

:-) :-) :-)

One of the most vibrant, chattering, ever-smiling, smart, intelligent, stylish, supportive, caring, kind and loving human being. Her memories are such a comfort and the very mention of her name brings in Peace to my mind.  If there is anything closer to unconditional love, it is the bond that we share with each other,  She always brought a smile to anyone who she came in touch with, even at the cost of hiding her own worries.
This blog is  about my good friend Anita.  I am smiling when I key in her name and thats the effect she has on me. I truly beleive that she is one the blessings from above.  We met professionally and it didnt take too long for us to hit it out together as freinds.  Since our relationship started professionally and we were at the same level at work, we did have differences at work and we fought tooth and nail about  certain work related issues  occasionally until one of us were convinced.  But as I mentioned that was not frequent and we knew we were a team and we stood together.  So, it was not surprising, when others in our team dealt with us they knew we were more friends than colleagues.
The more sweeter memories that I have about Anita is all the wild shopping we have done at Bangalore ( commerical street), Hyderabad ( general Bazaar) and in Pune ( Lakshmi market?). Our work had taken us to multiple places and we travelled a lot both in trains and flights.  We were so comfortable in each others' company and amidst so many colleagues, I could distinctly see her as my friend among a pack of colleagues.

I still remember the NLP programme that we went together and it was on my birthday and she made me feel so special.  While I have scores of memories about her, a funny one that often comes to my mind was when we both travelled together to Hyderabad ( I guess it is to hyd) and there was so much turbulence that particular day in the flight and both held our hands so tightly and we almsot thought that was our last flight.  And in between we were also gigling so hard.  Amidst all those giggles, Anita was telling me ( and  that was also the time we had moved into our independant new house) Vincy, you know what, the insurance for fliers who die in an aircraft crash, is so high .. just imagine  Joe ( my husband) can clear all the housing loan and they ( my bubby and son) will have a new house, a new mommy,, just imagine that Vincy.. and in between all that turbulence, we were actually pissing in our pants and we were laughing.. oh what fun...

At work Anita was one of the most capable people I have seen, most networked, tech savvy and gets work done in a Jiffy.  Be it our discussions about our childrens eduation or bitching about a lot of people who worked with us ( oh we did a great deal of that) or working together or an assigment, we thoroughly enjoyed it. It is almost as if she is part of my family.

It was pure Joy travelling with her, we kept joking, laughing and basically enjoyed life with each other. I knew I loved her so much when she decided to move to China for professional reasons and when her mom who was as desperate as me, called me to ask if she has reached China and I just broke down and we were crying over the phone. and I knew I will miss this woman like hell.. and sure I did.

After she left to China, it was as though a part of me went missing and I felt so alone and there was sense of loneliness.  Our chat lines and phone helped us survive. Today we both have left our earlier organisations, we are in different places of the globe, she in Singapore and me in Chennai separated by miles but closer at heart. 

We interact with each other regularly, ( thank technology for that ) and last week I had a mail from her which was crisp and just one question.  Do you remember this comb?
This was a Roots comb that I had given Anita some years back.

And she also followed it up with another mail.
I use it in office … :-) Its on my desk always !!

I truly feel so blessed that destiny has helped our lives cross each others' and my life is enriched because
Anita is my friend. 

Love you Always!!
She & Me


  1. Hey Vincy,

    Just blog-walked to read the meme! But I happened to find a very interesting piece before going to the meme! The Bio detail! There was something very true and I was smiling when I read that! Happy to know that you are a gemini too!!! :D Instantly following you!! :D

  2. Hey Vincy,

    Just blog-walked to read the meme! But I happened to find a very interesting piece before going to the meme! The Bio detail! There was something very true and I was smiling when I read that! Happy to know that you are a gemini too!!! :D Instantly following you!! :D

  3. Thanks for blogwalking into my space. yeah I agree we Gemini's are a different breed altoghter. Glad you are following me.. BTW, did you realise you are my first follower?

  4. Hey Vincy,
    Sorry for the very late reponse on this..
    I liked your blog and the way the post was written! :) Yay, great that I am your first follower! :)


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