Friday, March 30, 2012

Twice as nice !!!

You were far away      
In my thoughts
I had flung you
Out of bounds from my universe

Not because of hatred
But because of fear
That if I remembered
I will love you more than myself

It wasn’t easy
I knew I was being
Unkind to myself
A torment unspeakable

There was a time
When the world was merrier
Just because
Of your presence

Everywhere I turned
Images of you conjured up
Gave the zing to my step
and a song to my soul.

But I decided to change
Lived in self denial
For reasons beyond my control
I moved on

But life had other plans
I had to meet you, fleetingly though
Memories came flooding back
This time twice as nice.

Vincy Joseph
P.S : This is my humble attempt at Poetry. I am a novice at this.  Any resemblance to incidents that connects u & me, imaginary or real, is purely intentional J

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