Sunday, November 06, 2011

Confession on a monday morning

This blog might be the result of lack of monday mornning blues, could also be a result of a completely vagabond  soul, the resultant eccentrcity of a liberated mind from the clutches of predictability. A confession seemed inevitable in blogosphere.

Did I lose a part of myself when I dumped those back packing dreams?
Sinfully lovely thoughts of huddling up in those motels on hard beds travelling to see the world in a different light?
Life ahead looked grey and blank when those bridges of the mind were withdrawn - even if it were my choice
I had to crush you my soulmate - you have to let go of something that you love the most, when you know that is the best.  It hurt me, did it hurt you?
Lui Waldroff faded back into oblivion along with the geared bicycle
Can someone cheat themselves?
Am I missing the joy of peeping into your thoughts, a space that we shared?
There are a lot more that i have let go than anyone could imagine - will the ignominy of it all haunt me for the rest of my life?
Moments pass by, years roll on and I would be a far away memory for myself

After a week of rain, darkclouds and swampiness, the sun came out bright and hot today
Is it a new beginning?

May be.

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