Saturday, November 05, 2011

Random shots around our apartment

Been a long time since I blogged.  dont ask me reasons.  Just proving that I am regularly irregular at multiple stuff in life.
This is a Plog - a picture  blog that shows glimpses around the new place we moved into - beginning to like this place, and definitely not as much as our own house that we moved out of, a couple of months back:-( 

 View from our balcony adjoining the dining space

The "Poonkurishu" ( flowery cross of st.thomas) on our Nilavilakku ( traditional lamp) of Syro Malabar christians
Chest of draws
one of our first set of pictures taken a couple of days after our marriage, at Kerala, now in a cosy corner at the Kitchen

fridge decoration - Courtesy our son

A Kimono clad Momo ( Japanese Girl) part of my collection

Miniature oil lamp ( still in working condition) from Pune

Source of light - chandelier

The traditional corner - a bell metal nilavilakku (Nilam in the Malayalam language means ground and Vilakku means lamp ), a flower vase and an ancesteral Kindi ( a traditional keralite water dispenser for holy rituals)

Did you like these shots? If you do, please write your comments and I will add more.. thats a promise.

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