Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Season... a few notes and snapshots

Mood is upbeat, life looks promising and am all set for a week long vacation with J's family.  Looking forward to the long road trip thorugh Mysore coorg and the forests of veerarajapet and Sulthan Batheri. 

At home, the christmas tree is up, my handmade christmas wreath  has a prime place and the jingle bells adorn the door.  For the first time, we are travelling on Christmas day to be with family atleast in the evening and we do not know where we will attend the christmas mass.  adventurous - hope it all ends well.  Will miss dressing up in finery for christmas ( wiping of the imaginery tears...) am planning to make it up during the engagement in Kerala. ( Joe's sister's daughter is getting engaged end of this month)

so here are some xmas snapshots around our home this christmas season.
Chrstimas Tree
A christmas gift from a friend, which comes out
 every xmas season along with other decorations

the tree top

Lovely !!!  ( self praise)

hand made christmas wreath - almost 8 years old.
 I keep the base intact and keep changing decorations.
And you know what? I tried my hand at baking this time..made a choclate cake (self taguht through the net)and surprisingly it came out well. this is just a trailer am planning to do more in 2012. wish me luck.. wont you? and all of you out there, greetings of the season and may you be blessed with Joy and peace this Christmas !!
Winding up with a picture of my first cake! 

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