Wednesday, May 18, 2011


If you search for the definition of Telepathy this is what you find - that it is the ability to send and receive thoughts from one mind to another and is a natural ability of the human mind. Okay lets park it here and let me go on to share how I am connected to certain people through this amazing ability called Telepathy.

Today was a hectic day – a full day session with around 27 participants can be a wee bit tiring, if I may say so.

And what am I doing in the middle of night, after the tiring day, typing on my keyboard like crazy – hmmm.. I need to start a separate blog ( not just a blog post) to discuss that. For the time being lets say that I am trying to distract myself from something that I am not able to pull myself away from.

The topic of my blogpost is about Telepathy and today while I was travelling back from office, out of the blue I was feeling extremely sad – to an extent where I had gooseflesh and I was reminiscing certain memories and how I am missing a very close friend. Its been a long time since I heard this voice and inspite of the nice session that I had and the laughter & fun that I shared with the participants of my session I suddenly felt so alone and my eyes were welling up. I am worst when I turn emotional and I didn’t want ending up sobbing in the office bus giving ideas to people who were travelling with me and so I decided to call back all those people whose calls I had missed while I was in the session. I finished all the calls and by then I had reached home and was feeling too lazy to do anything at home.

An empty house is not what I wanted to see at the end of this day, but I had very little options. I called Joe, and as usual his number was engaged and when I called the second time, he swapped his call and took my call in and I knew he is in the middle of a call and had to quickly wind up. So I sat there staring at the ceiling, not having the motivation to do anything. I was having my fruit dinner – started with a mango and the mangoes were really good, so I had yet another mango. With my dinner over,back to square one. What do I do now ?

That’s when the call came, and well, the friend who I was thinking of so much today called me and we had a nice lovely chat. Isnt this Telepathy?

I must have chattered away and bored this person to death, but you see this person is a very good friend and hence patiently heard me.

So is this what I wanted to blog about in the middle of the night?

I am feeling sleepy and I am going to bed now after a glass of warm milk while you can keep guessing why I am still smiling. A delicious thought perhaps ?

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