Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Culnary abilities displayed on Easter ( Photo blog)

This Easter we decided to call guests home that includes Joe's cousins and my parents.  I decided to showcase my abilities in syrian christian cuisine and I came up with the Easter Menu with consensus from Joe.  An A4 size paper was all I needed to put things together.

Easter Menu & my Cheat sheet
With the menu in place, after good friday service, Joe and I set out to do the shopping and the cutting / slicing / cleaning / grinding etc., was done on saturday. The main course Mutton Biriyani was ordered outside while I set out to cook the following and each one of these came out so well, that I had a lot of appreciations coming my way after the party.

The Easter eggs were a big hit with the college going kids  and the grown ups as they were scrambling together to assemble the toys with great difficulty while the little ones like Joel and Dennu finding it easy to put them together. Everyone had tatoos and here are some tatoos, that i managed to photograph in between all the regular confusions that come up in a party.  I did miss taking tatoos on chetan and chechi, which I really regret now.

Before the excitement of Easter eggs died down the men slowly moved to their favourite activity some willing to be photographed some not...
The Booze party

As per plan the ordered stuff came in on time and here are some pictures on what I cooked.  There were more salads, cutlets, biriyani and Kallappams, which I didnt find the time to photograph.

Chicken Curry

Chicken Roast

Syrian Beef Fry
 and finally, I managed to impress everyone with this one...

Russian Salad - my Favourite

Ice cream with chocolate sauce and Gulab Jamun were the desserts.  ( sorry, no photographs of that)

So thus went another family get-to-gether in the name of Easter. 

P.S for readers if any:
I see the visitors to my blog are slowly but steadily increasing.  I will be grateful for inputs on my writing style and about my blogs.  While i had no intention initially of letting others read what I am writing, I seemed to have changed a leetle beet..  :-).  so folks, leave me some comments and I would be glad to read them.

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