Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Did you deserve a blog post much much earlier ?  Yes, and no doubts about that !!!

So why did this get delayed?  I have no clue.

Lets not focus too much on why certain things did not happen in our past.  Hovering in the past for long does not help at all.

Today, 11, Foxen street flooded me with a lot of memories.  It was a place of comfort, warmth and friendliness.  After long periods of missing each other, (after our couple of years together in Yercaud, Pets stayed back in Yercaud for another two periods until she got married and went off to Kerala  and later to Dubai. ) we used to meet either in my house or at Pets house.  We always had so much to talk and never, ever  were we bored of each other.

So this time, I made sure that I met Pets before she left for Dubai after her holidays.  and thats how I landed at one of my most favourite destinations, 11, Foxen street.  I was greeted as usual by Pets with a broad smile, warm hug and oodles of love... there's no missing it.  There is yet another speciality with our bond - we might not have communicated for ages, but the moment we meet, we are able to connect up with each other as if we just met yesterday.  It comes with I guess matured Friendship !!! I always think if there is one similarlity with Wine and Friendship, it is how rich both become as they age.

As usual we slipped into a variety of topics starting from Nanna to Clive, to marriages, children, our parents, work, siblings etc etc.  I had my lunch with Pets and Rosanna, ( btw, she likes me a lot) and enjoyed the way Trevor was so cool when everyone else were going mad about his bus getting late, listened to Sunno's big talk and went around their garden.  4 hours passed in a jiffy and as always, we both felt that we didnt get enough time with each other.

One of the visitors while i was there was Flory Aunty, she reminded me of Petula's other aunts and Crescy, Juan and Caro. Aunty and Uncle was not around the day I visited as they had gone for a retreat in Chalakudy - wish they were around. 

Petula is a friend who is always full of warmth, generous, very aristocratic ( in her behaviour and even the way she walks - Typical of a Leo), very friendly, open and loving.  We get along with each other like an house on fire ( wrong example though) and most importantly we are connected to each other in our thoughts.  Over a period of time, I have realised my bond with her is so special, that the moment one of us, feel down ( upset, worried over something), we call the other - Telepathy, I would bet on it.

While saying bye to Pets, I was feeling both happy and sad :  Happy because I could see her and sad because she was going away.

On my way, alone in the car, reminiscing on our friendship, i felt assured that though we will be miles apart in a couple of days, our telepathy is alive and unconsiously we are  connected to each other like people who have a bonding that dates back beyond this life !!!

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