Thursday, March 09, 2017

Letting go

Ramesh, this one goes out to you again.  Thank you for that gentle nudge to write more.
For all the other readers ( I am being flamboyant here again, in assuming that I have too many of you, but the ones who read, trust me, you are precious to me) the earlier two posts are about our all girls trip to Thailand.
Letting go on Day 2 -  Part 1
Our plan for the second day was simple, unlike the earlier day. First half of the day at Coral Island and then back to Bangkok.  But what did not anticipate was all the adventure that was awaiting us at Coral Island.

First things First, we met our guide for the day, this time a petite woman who had the name tag on her which read LINRY, but this is how she introduced herself to us ( please read with a sing song tune)  Iiiiiiiii Lilllyyyy.. your guideee… A friendly woman who repeatedly assured us No Wollies… ( for the uninitiated, what she meant was no Worries). Figured out most of the Thai population cannot pronounce “r” and the “r” is invariably replaced with a “l” so tomorrow is always tomollow. Safari world is Safali wolld… you get the drift right?. That however is not the point in discussion, isn’t it?
We are not the only ones who are to be guided by Linry, she has a group of Indians. Ok we were a little surprised to see a whole bunch of Indians along with us. Most of them as families, grim faced and quiet. And while the men tried to look cool, the women looked jealous. How can these women ( us ) have so much fun?
But that realisation was only momentary and we were ushered into the thin silver sands on the beach, by the time we could take a few pictures, we had to wade into the crystal clear sea water which was a never ending aqua marine colour in front of us. That blue blue colour is something that I have seen only in movie song sequences. We clamoured up the speed boat in which there were people taking our pictures, we did pose for them too… Later we realised at the end of the ride, we will have to pay and take the prints or else they will just tear it up and throw it away.
Sudha & Me posing before we clamoured up the speed boat


We were instructed to wear life jackets in the speed boat and were eager and animated as the boat leapt above the water only to come down on the water with a stomach-churning thud. Laughter and chatter of four women filled the speed boat. I guess the laughter was more about hiding our fear for water. None of us knew swimming.

Our Speed boat leaving the bay
 The speed boats’ first stop was for parasailing. We moved from the speed boat to the large floating platform that provides a clear view of the bay and the city’s skyline. But who had the time to watch all that. Linry handed us over, to the care of some young men and she assured “no Wollies” once again, when we looked at our bags promising to look after our belongings. Sudha had already done the parasailing earlier in Andaman and hence she chose to be our photographer. Her DSLR was put to good use. our special thanks to Sudha, if not for her, our memories would not have been captured so beautifully.
We were watching people floating a hundred feet over the water held by a parachute and driven by a speed boat. Since I could see the harness being tightened on each person and is safely secured on to the parachute, logic was in place and except for a couple of butterflies in my stomach, I wasn’t worried.
My turn came and two of the gentlemen fastened the life jacket with the harness that can clasp the parachute. And then I was given the instruction to run on the floating platform as they strap the Parachute’s metal clasps onto me. In my mind, I was instructing myself to be ready to let go of the solid surface beneath me.
Waiting in the queue for our turn to be parachuted :-) & finding safety in a group :-)

Instructing myself to let go  just before giving my control to the parachute & speed boat
My heart was beating fast when they were strapping my parachute and before I could finish a couple of huge steps I realised I was airborne. It is an amazing feeling to let go of the land beneath your legs and float in the sky. While the speed boat seems to be moving pretty fast, I was floating in the air with almost no movement at all. The air up above was noisy, not very happy about my intrusion into its space and was hitting me hard. My heart started fluttering.


Letting go

waving to Sudha while landing
A minute of being airborne, I found myself at peace, looked around and loved the skyline of Pattaya, the sea front looked far away and the unending aquamarine looked fabulous. I could also see few small islands’ and wondered if anyone lives there. And then overcome by some strange emotion, I let out a loud noise, my voice only to be drowned by the sound of air and the speeding motorboat in front of me. I let my hands off the parachute straps, freely flying in the air enjoying every bit of the experience.

By now, I was landing back onto the platform and I could see Sudha focussing her DSLR on me and I waved to her. I didn’t want to land, but I could see the speedboat manoeuvring itself to the spot for me to land. Two gentlemen helped me land smoothly. 
Harness removed, parachute off, the speed boat gone, I realised in my head I was still flying.


  1. wooohooo.. My God.. Vincy you are surely adventurous, I am a constant worrier and I just can not bring my self to do such things however much I want to .. and I end up stopping my family also from doing this.. Kudos to all of you for doing this inspite of not knowing how to swim..

    1. I think the group helped Rekha. I am a fantabulous worrier too.. this trip was a different one. Wait till you read my next post!!!

  2. Woo Hoo. You've had so much fun. Very very nice. That's the way to live it up.

    Now is there a young man in the J household who thinks his mom is cool ??

    By the way, check your mail !!

    1. Oh yes. Fun we did have. We actually relived our college days. The young man hasn't expressed it in so many words but I guess he believes so. I actually missed both these men at Coral island as I know they would have thoroughly enjoyed these adventures.

  3. paragliding!!!! avvvvvvvv...padam pakkavay bayama iruku..kodi roova kuduthalum me no try this!!! enakku height mattumilla heighta irukravangala paathalay bayam

    1. Hey this is Parasiling - A boat pulls you and a parachute keeps you afloat. You dont see the boat there.

      I am no the adventurous variety either. I guess its our group which helped me. Had it been the gentlemen of my household who were accompanying me, I would have given the benefit of doubt to their gender and thier strength and I probably would have backed out. But we were all four women, and if they could, I may might as well try. So, go with the right group and you may actually do this.. Trust me you will have a lot of fun.

  4. thanks for another fun post vincy. you are living my dreams:-)

    1. :-) Hope i get to live more of them Ian.


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