Tuesday, March 07, 2017

4 Friends, 3 nights, 2 destinations and one goal : Day one

This is a sequel to the earlier blog post. And thanks to Ramesh’s insistence on a live travel blog, I felt obliged to jot this down as a live travel blog may take sometime. I had the pleasure of following his live travel blog the year before last and I do feel I owe him one. So this one and the ones that are to follow this, is for you Ramesh. Gilsu I am about to induce more stomach fire in you.
The first day of our trip was hectic to say the least. We reached Pattaya early morning and went for a good walk on the main beach road, when Pattaya was slowing waking up from its slumber. Since Pattaya is a night town, I guess they wake up only by mid-morning or later. We opted for an English breakfast that morning, not just because the two others with me were pure vegetarians, but because the smells of the native food weren’t very appealing to us.
We had 3 activities to cover the first day – The first in the list was Art in Paradise, an enchanting place fully blown with 3D illusion art work which gave so much photo opportunity to us girls, we were behaving like a bunch of kids in a candy store. Did we care? Of course NO.

This museum allowed visitors to interact with the artwork. To make the photos look real and to become part of the art work itself, we had to find a cool angle so that the 3D paintings come alive.

Blending into 3D artwork

Doesn't this look real?

on a flying carpet at Art in Paradise

Didn’t realise that two and half hours can just fly past us in a jiffy. We literally ran through the last parts of the artwork as our pick up vehicle was already waiting for us. Quick lunch. No prizes for guessing – It was decent Indian food. The guide dropped us back at hotel. Quick change of dress. Purely for photographs and off to Nong Nooch village.

We had to travel around 40 minutes and the next 3 hours’ time flew again. They say time flies when you are having fun. Fun we did have. We all were sporting nose pins.. Yeah just for fun. At Nang Nooch village we went for the Thai Cultural show, Elephant show, butterfly garden, Dinosaur valley, did we see orchid garden? There is so much to see, we probably can spend an entire day there.. but by then the tiny girl, our guide in our Honda Civic was ushering us back. I am sure in Thailand time is shorter than in India.
with our nosepins :-)

one of the gardens at Nong nooch village

Thai culture show
Back to hotel, yep change of dress and off to Alcazar show.

An amazing cabaret show by the transvestite community of Thailand. We had read up so much about it, watched videos, but still could not believe these awesome people were actually transvestites. They would give the beauty queens of the world, a good run for their money. This was one show where we girls sat stunned in silence, a lot of emotions running through us – totally jaw dropping experience. The show was almost an hour in a state-of the–art theatre and was a feast to the eyes. We went up close to the performers, after the show was over and we still could not believe our eyes. They look attractive with the right curves and the right body language and most of the performers were ravishing.

And if you thought after all this we were done for the day… you are mistaken, we had heard about walking street in Pattaya and we wanted to have a look at that place. We walked up to that street – a street that busies itself in the night and filled with all types of bars and nightclubs where you can spot a whole lot of Lady-boys. We could not bear to walk 100 feet into that street, the pole dancers and all that exposure, we walked back quietly and quickly to the beach road. Realised this was not our kind of place.

And you thought we went straight to sleep, nooooooo….Inspite of getting  into a flight at  10.30 pm the previous night,  sleeping quite intermittently in the flight and in the cab to Pattaya,we were as energetic as we can be even after visiting so many places.

Our chatting and planning for the next day and we must have dozed off much beyond, 2 am, only to make sure we got up early to start a fresh new day.


  1. keep it coming... enjoying every bit...

    1. with the kind of encouragement i get from lovely readers like you, I will.

      thanks a ton rekha for your patience in reading my post.

  2. Awwww. I am honoured Vincy. See, what a top quality post you have produced.

    Art in Paradise seems lovely. Your pictures are stunning. It seems to be one of a kind in the world - haven't heard of such an "interactive art gallery" anywhere else. Brilliant.

    Really surprised that you girls went to Pattaya. It has some pretence to be the sin capital of the world, and very much a male preserve. But then, you girls seem to have been so adventurous. Alcazar and Tiffany's are great though.

  3. The best part is Pattaya has no pretence at all. It has laid all its cards in the open for all to see. And we girls have come to a conclusion - Pattaya is one of the safest place for women and probably not so safe for men.

    We were just being ourselves and would enjoyed even if we were in Timbuktu :-) :-)

    all credits to you in pushing me to write :-)

  4. 3d pics chaancela...semma enjoy pola..stomach Bunsen burner kanakka jealousy

    1. Drink some ice water Gilsu :-) :-) :-)

      #D art Gallery was absolute fun. now we think we should have spent more time there. but that is the case with every other place that we went.

  5. Wish I could go to this 3-d museum Vincy. Looks like lots of fun! Well written travel post.

    1. Hey Thanks Ian. After so many years of blogging I still get excited about comments coming my way. and thanks so much for your compliments again.

      Yes the 3D museum is a fun thing - and to see a ordinary painting transform into a 3D art after a picture is taken is magical. hope you get to see it soon.


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