Wednesday, July 13, 2016


You hover around silently but deliberately
Rarely making your presence felt
This is certain though
That you will get to me some day. 

Do you spare anyone at all?
But alas like everyone else, I move on
Flouting you in my ignorance
Even when you take hold of others 

You can touch me anytime
As time speeds on as usual
Every day is a step closer to you
Do I even fathom  this ? 

I think of you, my friend
Often these days
I don’t know why
Making me pray for an easy transition 

Your cover now is intact, the mask in place
The quiet predator is on the prowl
An universal truth, yet a mystery
But one day, the cover will be blown!!
Vincy Joseph


  1. Why Vincy why ?? Why these thoughts ? Is it because the "stalker" has claimed somebody you know ? If so a big hug.

    I now demand a cheery cheery Vincy style poem in the next post.

    1. Hey Ramesh, thanks a bunch for that hug. much needed.

      Don't you read me too well??

      A good friend of mine, an ex-colleague, a fashion diva, who is full of positivity and cheer, above all a good soul was diagonised with grade IV cancerous brain tumour couple of weeks back. The doctors have given her 10 - 12 months time. the saddest part is she is losing her senses gradually on the left side of her body. the decline seems to be quick - she already seems to have lost her balance to walk and needs wheel chair support. She continues to inspire me with her tenacity and strength, but you know in her case, the predator is openly stalking. :-(

  2. Really Vincy, I was so scared reading this I also thought same as Mr. Ramesh, that somebody known to you has been stalked, but what you have said in your reply is so so saddening.. I hope and pray for your friend.. May God perform some miracle and save her... lots of strength to her and her family and hugs to you my dear friend...
    take care

    1. Thanks for your prayers. She needs tons of it now. Luckily she has an extremely supportive family and she is managing herself well. And is as cheerful as ever. Do continue praying for me.

      After the Chennai Numgambakkam Swathi incident i know this word stalker could strike terror in the minds of anyone..:-)

  3. The comments revealed the truth to me! :( Sending prayers to your friend and wishing her health improve for the better.

  4. Jayanthi she really needs loads of prayer. Her deterioration is fast and they are working on her radiation mask for her face that will keep radiation off the other parts of face and brain. In less than a month from a energetic woman running her own Learning business, she has become confined to the wheelchair. desperately praying she recovers soon enough.


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