Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In tribute of the love you guys show me dear Ramesh and Rekha

I am such a lousy blogger and yet the love I get from my blog friends, especially Ramesh and Rekha has been tremendous.  I read your comments for the earlier post and I thought I should put this down for you :-)

This one is for the encouragement you give me to blog more :-) 

There is a recent, new found Joy in my life, which has been pending to be a post for a while :-) as usual.

Infact, from the day one, of finding this out, I have been planning on writing a post about this, but by now, you must be quite aware of my skills in procrastination and my wayward ways of coming up with a post.

Every morning for the last three or four months, I wake up at 5.30 am – yes I know it is an ungodly hour, but if there is a will there is a way :)

In around 10 – 12 minutes I am all ready to go for my Morning Walk , a time I spend with my own thoughts, converse with myself, thank god for all the mercies I have received in life and generally do some introspection.

It all started when J and I thought whatever we little we ate was just accumulating in the wrong places on our bodies and our lack of exercise was showing up much more than ever. We decided to go for brisk morning walks everyday.

And then we went around for almost a month trying out different routes around our place for a peaceful walk and from where our house was located to anywhere close to 6 – 7 kms was chaotic traffic, narrow roads and walking was a herculean task. And this was at around 5.45 am in the morning. 300 meters from our home is a national highway where vehicles in their maddening rush to reach destinations, and also taking advantage of the lean traffic in the morning, speed past creating a racing scene. Coming back home alive and in one piece was becoming an every day achievement. And moreover we felt more hassled than relaxed. We continued our pursuit for a quieter place for a walk and then we found this blissful route completely out of the blue.

Somehow, with all his reviews / intermittent official trips that he takes, J lost interest and dropped off from this routine, but will join me once in a while. now and then.

This place where I go for a walk now is approximately little over a kilometer from my place and once I enter the route it is pure Joy. Peace takes over, allowing me to linger on some natural sounds of some unknown birds and insects, warm sunshine, and fragrance of a variety of wild flowers along the path, setting in serenity and giving the much needed replenishment to continue through the day.

I guess this walk way comes under the jurisdiction of the Officers Training Academy, Chennai as I hear the soliders shouting in cadence while marching, as I walk along, and I also see some of the uniformed officers in bikes, sometimes in horses and sometimes they ride together in bicycles / motorcycles as part of their daily routine in a road perpendicular to the road that I take.

It is so amazing, for a while I forget that i live in a Metropolitan city. I will stop here and put up some pictures  to do further talking.

River on my right side, thick grwoth of tress and bushes on the left side, thats how this path starts and this is how the skyline is on some days.

My feet - enjoying the walk

The rustic walking track
Isnt this place asking you walk more?

The picture says it all!!

Wild flowers on a particular strech in the walkway

Most part of the walk way is lined with this wild flowers - miles and miles of it.

a close up shot of these wild flowers - arent they pretty?


  1. Awwwww. I am honoured and touched .

    Nice photos. Yes, any major Indian city, barring Delhi, has few walking areas - nice to see you've found one. Now the fitness regime has to succeed; isn't it !!!

    1. Yes Ramesh. Getting to start is the easiest thing on earth. Sustaining is the difficult part I have been sucessful so far. Hopefully, I will continue :-)

  2. Awww, love you Vincy, I wish I could come over and give a tight hug to you, thank you for giving me such a special place in your friends list. Hey, how come you are actually doing everything that I have wanted to do, eg: driving, I want and you have done it, Morning walk , I keep on staring at the park bang in front of my house everyday but never goes and you have done it.. I tell you we have some previous connection... take care and keep at it.. next time I shall be meeting a svelter Vincy.. much love to you....

  3. I cant thank you enough for the love you bestow on me. :-)

    Our pre-birth connections were established long ago :-) and you please start walking I am sure you will enjoy it. No I have been walking now for around 3 months, not a milli inch has gone down. I am being patient with myself. Walking takes a long time to show results I guess and its directly propotional to the age too and ofcourse there are other factors. But it definitely helps me in clearing a lot of cobwebs in my upperstorey :-) Your driving is assured, if you come to chennai - recall our last discussion :-)


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