Sunday, June 29, 2014

A little of this and a little of that – in my life

I woke up with an early morning call today. The caller was from another end of the world, the person very close to me. Someone who I can call in the middle of the night, without thinking twice and doubly sure will pick my call up. The voice was ecstatic and told me that her first born has completed his engineering degree. She then started crying and told me how I have been her support all along. Beyond that I could not decipher much because by then she was sobbing. I just listened, few words were making sense and I realized that it is important just to hang in there on the line. Anyways I understood what she was saying.

I tried reassuring that she was a great mom and how she has been my inspiration all along, but she continued sobbing and words mired into the sob. After I kept the phone down I realized my cheeks were wet and I couldn’t stop crying myself. I didn’t know why I was crying – I only know I felt so good crying along with her. I knew even after the phone was disconnected, she must have been crying.

She seems to have actually sent a mail first before calling me, and here is the excerpts from the email. And now those bits and pieces of words that she was trying to string together came to me :-)

Siddu has completed his Engineering. I got the information early this morning. I wanted to share this happy news and this moment with you . I still remember us going to St.Joseph’s to check out on the college. Thank you for being such an integral part of my life . For being there and supporting me when I needed support most or just a person who I could share my worries, fears, happiness and joy without any inhibitions .

While feeling on top of the world, I also need to tell her that I am so lucky to have her as my friend.

A Young management trainee, smart and intelligent one at that, who was part of our team, is leaving the organisation. She was not my reportee, but I had to work with her without a reporting managers’ clout. We had real good fun working together.

As is the practice there was a lovely common mail sent to everyone in the team including me and she sent an individual mail to me.

Brought a smile to my face and thought of sharing it with you.

Here’s something I wanted to tell you before I become too emotional and delirious -

Vincy, you’ve been a breath of fresh air for me in a team like XXXX. You are someone I look up to, and someone I aspire to be. You’ve always guided and supported me and have ensured we have fun along with work.

Thank you for telling me I couldn't leave when I broke the news to you about my resignation. That certainly made me feel special and appreciated! Also, thank you for always having such an upbeat attitude. I've never seen you in a grumpy mood or act irritated or impatient with anyone. Every time I see you, you have a smile on your face and a cheerful comment. Keep up the positivity!

The chapter of our lives where we work together might be over, but this certainly isn't the end of our friendship. I’ll miss you loads. Take good care of yourself  :-)
I am going to miss this girl a lot:-)

I have lived most of life along the coast of Bay of Bengal and I have good memories of the beach. I was in a conference that warranted my stay at a sea side resort and beach brought back some lovely memories of the seaside. It also brought memories of a friend who loves the sea. I messaged this friend about how sea brings
the memories of our friendship, and guess what? absolutely no response from my friend.

I was upset but my work for the conference didn’t allow me to wallow in this thought.

I got a message this morning ( after close to three weeks),
 “ saying that it reminded you of me, because it was fishy? "

Now that’s a perspective. And a good joke. Just that it took a long time to reach me. Laughing at the myriad set of my friends and their oddities :-)


  1. Mmm. Of such friends are life's interesting moments made.

    Gentle request to keep blogging - I had feared you had gone off it completely and it was a pleasure to see this post. Whenever you feel like it is fine, but please don't "go away" !

    1. How can you be so nice to me. I kind of deserted this place and I get this wonderful message. I will not go away - too precious to lose a blog friend like you Ramesh :-) :-) :-)

  2. Hi Vincy, Good to see you up and about and it's been such a long time. Like all the people mentioned in your post I am also lucky to have got you as a friend, and trust me, I mean every word..
    take care and God bless you

    1. Hey we spoke and i hadnt seen this message then. :-) Pleasure is mine Rekha to have found you online. and yes you mean a lot to me too.

      You know after reading both your comment and Ramesh's comment, I am writing a post just for you both :-)

      Love you and take care you too Rekha.


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