Sunday, December 01, 2013

With due apologies

I put that title in there and I realised I first owe an apology to my dear readers for being such an inconsistent blogger. :-(

The original apology was intended to the parishoners (people) who sit near me in our church. As usual I was singing loudly and saying all my prayers as loud as I can :-) My son was very upset about the fact that one of his favorite star Paul Walker had passed away and was not into any of his antics that he would do, when he hears me sing. He later told me he prayed for Paul Walker’s soul, which made my heart swell in pride, for I felt that was a good sign of bringing him up in right Christian values. ( ok atleast one !)

So after the Sunday mass, as we were talking to our friends and acquaintances, we had someone come out of the blue and loudly call Joe’s name and my otherwise composed hubby dear going gaga over his long lost friend from his first organisation. They both were completely unaware of any of us around for a couple of minutes, having found each other after some 15 years or so. That’s when J realized that D and I were watching him with amusement and he introduced us to his friend. And this friend whom I have never met, went on and said this, which kind of put me in complete disbelief – he said, yeah I noticed that she sings beautifully and I could hear her so well. These days people hesitate to sing and pray loudly, and I was really impressed that she was doing it. This friend was obviously sitting in the pews ahead of us. Through the corner of my eyets I could see J, looking a bit surprised himself and D trying to compress a smile.

I quitely took in that compliment, got back to my senses and told him, yeah in the church I don’t care that I cannot sing, coz’ it just between me and the lord. And silently apologized to all others who were around me yesterday.

Trust me, I cannot sing for my life and this is first time I ever got a compliment for singing :-) :-)


  1. Oh since when has the church been for singing great. As you say, its the expression of devotion and whether one is a good singer or not, its the place to sing out loud. And I am sure with the ingredient of devotion put in, the singing would come our very good.

    By the way, I completely disbelieve your claims to be not able to sing :):)

    And you don't owe anybody an apology. Write when you can - when you feel like writing. And to us it would come out true and wonderful - like your singing :)

    1. Awwwww Ramesh - the last para is so reassuring!. No more discussions on my singing though. however, i should admit, that even our church choir, goes offkey sometimes. Especially when there is a large gathering. :-) They do pretty well on a normal sunday.

  2. Hey Vincy, No apologies , i am sure everyone could make out the sincerity in your voice which automatically makes it melodious to any body's ears and yes I love this "coz’ it's just between me and the lord", ... hugs to you, take care...

    1. :-) :-) I am smiling so much just looking at your comment Rekha dear. I am so touched for the no apologies part. take care you too.. we owe each other a call :-)

  3. I'm not going to compliment without hearing u. I need proof.

    We want a podcast....we wannna podcast....we wanna podcast....I did one ages back so I know u can too.

    Now u go get it*N in her best Sachin Tendulkar voice modulation*

  4. Thank you dear N for speaking your mind. I do not deserve any compliments for singing thats the whole point. And if i put a podcast of my singing, I am sure I will lose even the few readers I have.

    BTW, remember the day I acted like a kid in a candy store, finding your blog and reading as much as i could, that day, sometime last year, I did listen to it. Frankly Nancy you sounded like a pro, a trained singer in that podcast that you had sung for your hubby for his birthday i suppose. I know you sing really well and in comparison I will be nowhere.


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