Saturday, December 14, 2013

I had to show this to you all

Most of the time that make up my weekends, are spent in the tiny green space around home, that I am desperately trying to sustain. 

After toiling for a few years and with support from my mom, I had a nice garden couple of years back and I had to let go off this green space, when I shifted home for Sonny boy's schooling.  My biggest sense of loss was losing this green patch, when I shifted to the apartment. I still took with me around 6 pots that had my favorite plants and had to forego the rest.  Luckily my neighbor, offered to take care of my fishes and the tank.

The last six months after shifting back to our own house was struggle without any of my plants. The empty places where my plants used to be, was an eyesore and I began my work on recreating my space.  It took so much effort, and especially since i was an DIY enthusiasit, I started with  painting all my pots and fish tank, making sure the potting soil is fit for planting - had to dry the soil for a week and add store brought organic manure and finally choosing plants and taking care of them.

Somehow in six months time, the plants grew under my care and though it is not as good as I want it to be, I thought I will show you all the little plants that give me so much Joy and much needed stress releif.

I will start with my plants on the terrace, mostly flowering ones.  The Christ thorns ( Euphorbia) is a fighter, she is the only one who has not been repotted and now is in full bloom.  I had left this plant back since it was too big for us to put anywhere in the apartment we had moved in then.

Infact, when we wer back this plant was full of leaves and thorns and in a months time it started flowering and was in full bloom in a few weeks.  and it is continuing to flower.

Let me show you another one from my terrace, yellow roses.  Isnt she a beauty?  At one time, there were more than 7 roses on this little plant. Couldn't take the pictures then. 

This is yet another smaller vareity of Christ thorns which is just growing up.  Its a tiny plant but has decided to flower and I love the bright red colour of the flowers.

This is another shot of the bigger Euphorbia - this was a new bunch of flowers and thanks to Dennu for the pictures.

This is yet another new plant on the terrace called Vinca.  This plant has adapted well to our garden and continues to bloom and comes with bigger flowers too.  At one point in time, this plant had more than a dozen flowers - again couldnt click a picture then.

Let me now bring to our ground floor corner where I mostly some ornamental plants.  here are a few shots

Another of my favorites - Coleus. Earlier I had so many varieties of it, but now I just have 2 of them.
And finally here is my revamped open air fish tank - the big fish there is a homeless shark, a good neighbor passed on to me and two gold fish, need to bring in more fishes in there.  Some more work to be completed in the fish tank and next time when I take you around my tiny green patch, I hope, I will have  more plants and more fishes. 


  1. Vow what beauties, I also love gardening, but has not done anything till now except planting one tulsi plant and a 'mandaram' , nowadays it has beautiful yellow flowers and it gives so much of joy . I also have an aquarium at home but here all credit goes to my husband who maintains it so well... loved all your pics vincy..heres to more green and coloured beauties in your garden....take care.. Rekha

    1. Thanks for your wishes Rekha.. I am sure I am going to have more of them soon.. but it takes a lot of time and backbreaking efforts. but yes it is all worth it.

  2. Aaaaah sooooo pretty Vincy. I love flowers...not the bouquet kind, more the nature walk kind, doesnt matter what kind they are, even the simple jamandhi is such a pretty sight in clusters:-)).

    From the pictures I can see the dedication with which u are taking care of them. Reminding of my mum. She has pots and pots of them. I just have a few plants. Right now I'm a bit sad over the only flowering plant I have...a jasmine plant. Whole summer it survived the blistering heat but now when the weather is so nice it's turning yellow:-(.

    Waiting for the next time already:-)).

    1. I am glad you liked them N. :-) It looks so simple, and as you said takes a lot of effort and there are days on a busy morning, when i am just about to leave the house and remember that i havent watered these plants on the terrace and run up a flight of 17 + 17 stairs and unlock the terrace door and water them and come back to the glare of my hubby dear.
      Try cutting the yellowing leaves with a bit of the stem of your jasmine and you may have new shoots coming up.. just try it - you have nothing to lose.

  3. pretty pretty flowers Vincy, they really look beautiful


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