Saturday, February 02, 2013

When did you grow up?

School bag slinging on your shoulders
You call out “Bye ma, Bye Pa”, every busy morning
I feel my heart walk out of me
Behind you, to make sure you are protected.

I see time slipping through my fingers
My little one stands taller than me today
A fine young man in the making
Like his father, maybe.

Your smiles welcomed me home as a toddler
Hugs and kisses and the need to be in my arms
Talking dime a dozen and wrecking havoc
With all the hyperactivity of a dynamite

It broke my heart to let you sleep alone
And it shattered me when you told nightmares
About the dark man in the corner of your room
Dragging your Pink Panther along in the middle of the night.

Homework, projects, studies, exams
Tennis, swimming, Karate, Cricket, falls from bicycles
Cuts, bruises, mischief, friends, crushes and our little conversations
I didn’t realize the years roll by

Today, I melt at the sight of you help me carry heavy stuff
Or when you put a protective hand around when we walk together
And when you ask, you want any help, Mamma?
Do you see me momentarily frozen in time?

In a couple of months’ from now
You will grow out of that school uniform too
And I am still wondering stupidly
When did you grow out of my arms?

Vincy Joseph


  1. Read this with a tear in my eye. Wonderfully warm and wistful words.

    You are in great form these days milady. Tugging at the hearts of all around you. Bravo.

    1. Agree, AGREEEE!!!!

    2. two wonderful people from blogworld - your appreciations mean a lot :-) :-) :-)

  2. Awwww... Thanks so much Ramesh. Have i told you before, I value every comment you have written on my blog and this coming from you makes me feel so proud.

    Solitude does this - brings out the emotions from the depths of one's being. With Sonny boy's exams round the corner, the school is not sparing even sundays. J was in a Reveiw meet over the weekend, enjoying in a hillstation, and I was left all by myself on a sunday morning. wrote this just after he left for school. :-) :-)

  3. Time sure flies when we are having fun huh;-D.

    I can soo imagine what set you off in a tangent...I mean your son leaving school is BIGGGG stuff. As a mother we all on one hand wait for our children to pass these milestones while on the other hand are almost sorry one stage in their life is done. I for one can't imagine it right now;-o.

    Beautiful poem Vincy!!!!

    1. yeah. I am so glad as a young mother, you still get my drift :-) :-) you do have a long way to go. I am at a stage where i am fighting a lot of ghosts in my mind. :-)

  4. taare zameen par la vara "maa" songoda amma version mathiri iruku..semma touching :)

  5. I am glad it touched you. I am sure your mom have the same things to say about you Gils. try asking her :-)

  6. Vincy, this is a gem, totally captures the feelings of all mothers who waits for their children to grow up and when they actually do we just do not understand where did the time go, when did our precious ones grow up ??? lovely....

    1. thankyou thankyou rekha. Nice to hear these lovely words from you.


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