Friday, February 01, 2013

Mindless Prattle

I cannot perceive with any certainty
The frequency of your calls
that you make erratically, once in a blue moon

While I want to squeal in childlike happiness, I act casual
As if its just another random call
Although, its the most important one of all

Your voice is invariably calming
Sound of your laughter, my best medicine
And I value you immensely.

I hang on to every word, every sound
Like a rappeller hanging onto the rope
For it makes the difference of his life and death

I am heedful of every word that escapes me
For you are one who’d catch the simplest nuance
And have the ability to get under my skin

It’s all in the mind
And I end up cherishing
Even the silence in our conversations.

In spite of all precautions,

I plunge into mindless prattle
Capitulating to my vulnerability
and you catch me at unexpected moments

Yet, I may not utter any of these in our conversations
Lest I may unleash the sprite in you
And your devilry would be too complex for me to handle.

Vincy Joseph

p.s This poem is dedicated to a close friend, who is a busy entreprenuer, a globe trotter, someone who is a online social networking recluse.  My telepathy with this friend, surprises me to no end. :-)


  1. rappeller..prattle..!!! U must be making a living out of playing scrabbles!!

    1. well, I am glad to create that kind of impression. Truth be told, I dont. But, the ones i break my head with is the Hindu Crossword. Never have managed to get all answers right till date.

  2. Awww. I was wondering who this was as I was reading your verse, until I came to the p.s.

    May the social networking recluse, network more often with you in the real world !

  3. Thanks for your wishes Ramesh. This friend is so unlike me - I have no issues in putting up pictures, revealing my name etc., wheras, this person is averse to the popular networking sites, just the minimal info even on Linkedin, never posts a picture and no inclination to reveal the identity.

  4. that's again a wonderful one ...lovely words....


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