Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting my blessings this Xmas season !!!

It must the harmones that are playing havoc, as usual every month or it could be the games people knowingly or unknowingly play with your emotions and end up leaving you like an island in an unending ocean. Whatever the reasons are, this being the Christmas season, I thought it is a good idea to list down all my blessings in life rather than feel rotten about myself and choked with a lot of unwanted emotional stuff.

Here we go with my list…

Life … I am thankful I woke up alive this morning
A wonderful partner – hardworking, sensitive, loving, practical, responsible and a good father to our son
Fantastic Teenager – listens to what Joe and I have to say and tries hard to please us
Adorable parents – who think that their daughter is the best!!
Loving inlaws – who think of me as their own than as someone thrust on them
Siblings – who I can call anytime and ask for anything in this world
A house to live in – and I love this house, it beautiful, spacious and comfortable
Vehicles to travel – and not just one
A cute garden – plants that smile at me when I come back from work
Green thumb – when I plant they grow, no matter how bad the weather is
Fishes – that has been in our tank for ages and they still wait for the food I give them
Maids – who are dependable, who cook and clean, help me to focus in my work
A job – that allows me to explore possibilities, meet new people, allows me to travel and a one I like doing
Family – that thinks my career as important as other things in the family and supports me through and through
Intellect – to see wrong from right ( whether I use it is a different question)
Gift of the senses – though some are beginning to show signs of ageing, it is a blessing to have these faculties
Friends – few but very very strong ones. I need to think of them and they call.. no kidding eh
Cousins – who are emotionally attached and are wellwishers and so much fun to be with
Financial stability – both at family & independent level. I don’t have to wait for anyone to buy my anything
Neighbors – who are supportive and friendly. Nambiar Uncle treats me like his own daughter
Food to eat – don’t have to worry about what to eat next, the only controls are the ones I put for my own
Sensitivity – ability to understand others and be sensitive to others needs
Empathy – I feel I am generally empathetic
Ability to work hard – my attitude to work hard Impresses me sometimes
Clothes – a sea of them, I can go on wearing a different dress every day for 4 months without repeating a dress :-)
Shoes / bags and jewellery – ahem ahem
Ability to see goodness in others – no matter what there is goodness everywhere
Positivity – my greatest strength, I am able to see positivity in almost everything and in the most negative things
A Past in which I have no regrets – a protected youth and happy childhood
Education and a liking for books
Hobbies – like gardening, painting and blogging that can keep me going
Ability to keep the house spic and span including the wardrobes – many of my friends admire me for that!!
Grandmom – at 40 years how many people have grandmoms who think that hers is the best grandkid on the block?
Potta house – where I can still go back to and relive my childhood
Rubber estates – the dark canopy of trees that we can fall back on during our retirement days
A Greatl husband – who loves me for what I am, complete with all my shortcomings and of course the bulges :-)
Last but not the Least ( probably should have been the first)
My faith in the lord and gift of Jesus – I don’t even know the dangers that he has protected me from all through my life. Time and again proven to me that he cares for me and shown his presence in multiple ways !!

WOW !!! this is a real long list..

Life is certainly worth living and tells me how blessed I am !!!!

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