Friday, May 07, 2010

First Compliments

Elated is an understatement  for the feeling I went through when I saw the first compliment on the Internet.  There are these moments which are frozen in memory, sometimes tears well up and sometimes there is a lump in the throat and automatically my thoughts run to thank GOD for the immense love that he shows through these simple acts of kindness.

I went through these moments of glory twice last month and I am combining both these moments as both these moments of exictement had one common ground...  in fact there is no ground as both were on Virtual platforms.

Internet these days are so much part of our daily life that many times we feel handicapped in the absence of it.  I use net to search for people, institutes, software, learning, knowledge and for information sakes.  One of these days I wanted to check what information is thrown up on the net when my name is keyed in...  And with a lot of curiosity I typed my name... and Voila....  there were loads of information not just about me but any vague phonetic sound that matched Vincy or Joseph.  

I was thrilled to see one of my blogs as part of the information and I kept browsing.  I guess it was the third page and I found my name and my eyes scanned the words Mahindra Satyam and so I clicked the site and it was a blog site of one of our associates in my organisation, Mahindra Satyam,  called Sakthi.  I do not know this associate, but what he had written in his blog brought that wide grin and that moment of glory.

Sakthi's compliments goes like this and I would like to reproduce it here verbatim,

"Vincy Joseph presented the show very well, and for the people who know Vincy, i don’t have to tell or Praise about her. She’s an extremely talented and elegant lady who can influence anybody as she makes a strong presence in all minds in a very professional way."

The link where you will find the article is here..

Being a trainer there are many instances I have received compliments, but this one is in a public forum and this associate Sakthi does not know that I might even end of reading this.. and I kind of stumbled on this very accidentally. To hear compliments in private, meaning one to one or inside a group definitely is a happy feeling, but to see it in print, in black and white is definitely a joyful experience.  And that moment of glory lingers on.

The other moment of pride and glory was when I saw Bhaskar, our RTL coach and facilitator's recommendation on Linked In.  LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals and it is quite common for people part of the network to get recommendations from their bosses, colleagues and friends on their quality and attitude to work.  I strongly beleive that asking for recommendation, especially about the quality of one's work should be spontanous and self-driven from the giver rather than ask for it.  Being part of Linkedin for more than a couple of years and not having a single recommendation was beginning to worry me and thats when I saw Bhaskar's recommendation, a rather forcefully strong reco at that.  And my eyes moistened, throat choked.

These small mercies in life keep me going and truly feel blessed for these small mercies.

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