Friday, March 19, 2010


My mom and her positive influence on me is yet another blog topic that i will end up writing soon, but this topic deals with the way my mom can make Achappams aka Rose cookies to perfection. Among all the palagarams ( sweets and saviouries that are made during festival times and those grand occasions), this is one sweet that I love the most.

They are golden brown, crisp, dotted with those black seeds, wonderfully tasty and gets you literally addicted to it : you can never stop with one. I thought this was because they are my favourites, but i reaslised that they are addictive to even my friends at office, who haunt me to get them more.

Achappams are generally only prepared and sent to our house in hundreds, and especially for my son Dennu as snacks when he returns from school. I like them so much as i mentioned earlier better than any other tradional keralite sweets such as vatteppam, kinnathappam or Unniappam, that i devour them whenever i am home and hence Achappams go like hotcakes as soon as they come...

I personally have not tried making Achappams nor have I helped my mom make it when I was at my paternal home before my marriage. What i know about it is you need to be an expert at the mixture and consistency of the batter for these Achappams not to stick to the mould and to get the right crispiness. And i also know the making of Achappams need a lot of perseverence and patience, which i guess is a rarity with me and maybe thats why i never tried it.

So, this time when mom as usual sent us some crispy golden brown Achappams I thought of immortalising them with the help of my blog :-) I captured them digitally and put it up here so that i can have a look at them whenever i need :-)

Post script:

My Mom is an excellent cook. And my son thinks she is the bestest cook in this entire world. He says "There is noone in this world who can cook like my Ammamma". And I feel that is one of the greatest compliments she can get.

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