Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gifts money can't buy

Birthdays have always been special, all these years.   Even this year.

The plan was to go to Kochi, where J is, and spend a week there, to celebrate my birthday with him.  And I thought to myself, yeah, I can do with some pampering.  After the hectic theater rehearsals and an awesome show day where we did 2 shows within few hours, I definitely needed to rest awhile and let my hair down.  Luckily, my work permits me to work from wherever there is network connectivity, and all official approvals in place, was ready to enjoy the devilish monsoon of Kerala.  As a Madrasi, Its been a long while since I even heard the pitter-patter of a feeble rain.

That’s when all plans went topsy-turvy.  

Mom took ill and we had to put her through an Endoscopy which led to an biopsy, for which we are still awaiting results, with our fingers crossed.  Don’t ask me how worried we are.  I am tired of putting up a brave face in front of my parents and my younger siblings. And sometimes people just assume you are the strongest, while you know you are the weakest of all.  And the problem with showing up as a strong person is that, no one even wonders if you are okay. 

The first thing I did was to bring my parent’s to my home, and made them stay with me.  Though reluctant initially, they budged.

J immediately made plans to come to Chennai, during the weekend and stay on with me on my birthday, 18th June, which fell on a Monday.  I can’t believe he took off on my birthday – he has hectic schedules, is such a workaholic and still chose to take off. He had traveled even the last week to watch our performance.  Oh yes, he helped me calm down and he is quite a strength when around.   One of my best birthday gifts this year.

The same week when mom took ill, my best friend and soulmate was travelling on a holiday and though I wanted to pour my heart out, I refrained from doing so, lest I would spoil the family vacation with my problems.  So, I was trying to sound normal, cheerful, and took care not to let let the cat out.  I must have put up that facade for a few days and I was convinced that this friend believed in my act.  Just before my birthday, out of the blue, I get a message – Hey, something tells me you are not okay. I stare into my mobile and the words blur as tears well up and blind me.  Felt so emotional that I almost froze.  Few hours later, I mustered some nerve to send a curt reply.  Stop cooking up stories in your head.  Have fun and enjoy your holidays. I also message back saying J is coming down from Kochi and will be here for my birthday.  That nailed it. I get a cryptic response “Good”.   

Yep.  Yet another birthday gift, no amount of money can buy – to be loved so deeply that a friend intuitively knows whether you are okay or not.  

I walk into the church that Sunday, 17th of June, feeling a bit depressed and worried.  I have a few existential questions that runs in my head.  Worry distracts me to a point, where I am not able to focus and pray.  And the Choir sings my most favorite song as the entrance hymn and the chorus goes something like this -  God still, still loves the world.  So throw your life into his arms, day by day discern his plans, God is passionately busy loving you and me. I realise that my Lord is wishing me a happy birthday in his own way. I join in and belt it out as usual and my catechism children chime in along with me.

And yes.  The best gifts are what money cannot buy.

You can listen to the song that played in the choir,  here


  1. Happy Birthday dear lady. 3 days late, I know, but still ....

    Wishes for Mom to be completely OK. I can understand how difficult it is for you, but take heart.

    Psalm 30:2

    O LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me.

    1. Awww thank you so much Ramesh for the birthday wishes. I accept wishes till my next one, so you are pretty early.

      It was nice to have my parents with me for the birthday and J's cousins had joined in. so it was good.

      That Psalm has worked for me and healed me in the past and thanks for bringing it up. Need lots of prayers and positivity. Till then i have to hold out.

  2. Happy birthday Vincy !! If God is all you have, you have all you need. Saw you through this phase and our prayers are answered for now. 😊 Btw J and you are always besides one another when it's really needed. Love to this beautiful family.

    1. Thank you Sudha for your wishes. Yes, there is nothing much that you dont know about me :-) :-)

  3. Hey Vincy, Hugs to you dear I absolutely know this, has gone through this. I am sure your mother is going to be absolutely fine. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family around you, may these blessings keep showering upon you today and always. Take care

    1. Thanks for your hugs. much needed and accepted with lots of gratitude.

      Thankfully Mom's reports were okay, the tumour turned out to be benign, but we had to do lot more tests and scans to ascertain the details and she is currently under treatment.

      Yes Rekha, the near and dear help. every word counts during this period.

      Thanks a bunch again.

  4. Humble feelings on birthday and counting my blessings is all I do. Hope Mon is doing good now. Lots of love and Hugs.

    1. Thank you shilpa so very much.


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