Tuesday, April 17, 2018


As she  closed her eyes
She soared to the heavens
Like a midnights’ dream
And It altered everything forever

Something in her perished and
Something else came alive
Could it still have been a dream?
That she conjured up in blazing fever

She is petrified one moment
Exhilaration takes over the next
It stirs and surges through her
And she asks herself - Am I insane?

The ghosts in her head wake up
Dance around triumphantly
And relentlessly torment her being
The once clear mind now held captive in quagmire

Fear and confusion mucks her thoughts
Monologues in her head continue to frighten
And she teeters aimlessly with no end in sight
Did she  give you the power to destroy her?

Amidst all this pandemonium
In the deepest, darkest, most naked corner of her soul
There’s a sweet melody, like the energising elixir of universe
A fairy tale lie, more than love, a muse.

Vincy Joseph


  1. gemini in other words :(

  2. echoes the ambiguities of heart...well captured...

    1. Yes you are right - ambiguities of the mind and heart. One moment everything is clear as crystal and the next it is all murky.


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