Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Going back in Time

During a chat with a long time friend and a soul mate, a very uncomfortable topic cropped up and my friend accused me of coming to conclusion without sufficient  accurate data.  I was certain about the topic in discussion and I also remembered a post I had scribbled on the topic years back.

In the pursuit of hunting down that post, I starting going back to my old blog posts. And I did find the post which had additional data points that supported my case with the friend I was having the chat with and I also clarified later, but it definitely ruffled some peace of my mind over stuff that I had pushed away to an irretrievable nook of my memory.


The best part of going through the posts was to remember and relive the past experiences. While reading certain blog posts it was amazing to see the emotions they evoked -  some sweet memories, some bitter and sometimes a  mix of  both. Couple of posts on my grandmom choked me a bit and some brought tears ( Like many women, I seem to have a never ending stream of it stashed away somewhere). A little time travel back upto 2006 and boom I came up on this post here.

For those who do want to take the trouble of going to the link, here is a synopsis.  My first trip to Australia back in 2006, was searching for a catholic church to go for my Sunday mass.  Google maps and GPS were alien to me those days and people around weren't familiar with a catholic church.  I counted on divine mercy and the lord showed up gloriously through a bright green rosary along with an Lebanese lady called Lorraine and she ended up gifting the rosary to me saying, the Lord wants me to give it to you.

This story is a simple memory of the past grace that I received from my maker.  The story of my maker answering me when I called out to him in despair.

And I here is the picture of Lorraine ( with her rosary) and me near Paramatta river, in Sydney.
Notice Lorainne's Rosary how visible it is? 
And here is the same rosary gifted to me, by Lorainne, that I use even today after almost 11 years in memory of that grace. 

The Rosary that Lorainne gifted me, 11 years old now.

And I love the fact that this space helps me to travel back in time. 


  1. Ramesh4:37 AM

    Oh - what a nice story. That a complete stranger gifted something so precious .... That's what treasures are made of.

    Yes, going back in time to the blog is often a great way to go down memory lane. I suppose in the olden days, a diary, if you maintained it, served the purpose. A little easier in the electronic today.

    Trust you are doing great. Very best New Year wishes to you and your family

    1. Treasure - that's the right word Ramesh.

      Memories can be such wonderful treasures too. And the blogspace i realise enhances the feel by creating the right ambiance with the written word.

      Happy new year to you and family too Ramesh. Hoping you have resolved to revive your blog again.

  2. That is nothing short of a miracle isn't it?? once in a while I also go back to my old posts and it sure gives us a trip back to memory lane enabling us to experience the same feeling that we had at that point of time. This is exactly why I do not close down the blog though sometimes I have almost pushed the delete button, such is the power of memories and our own writings on them..hugs Vincy...
    take care

    1. I hope you will never ever do that Rekha. deleting the blogs I mean.

      They are the little treasures that we can go back to. We need to hold on to them for a long time to come.


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