Sunday, September 21, 2014

some conversations between us

Every now and then, some of the wisecracks / dialogues between dennu and me, makes me stop in my tracks and later when I remember them brings a warm smile. A few in fact, give me the strength to move on and certain times they are such eye openers. In fact, there are so many that I have forgotten many of them. In an attempt to capture those, I have put down the ones I remember and I will keep putting them down every now and then :-)

Having returned from a family wedding which I attended alone, I was elaborating about a young accomplished cousin to my boy.

You know baby, he is just not intelligent and smart, he is handsome and is well behaved.

Dennu’s instant response – that’s me four years from now.

Dennu : Mamma, you are so lucky

Mamma a bit suspicious, looking on

Though you have just one child, you have given birth to a legend..

Mamma taken aback by the covered up self praise

Mamma is driving to church. Dennu is sitting next to the tensed driver.

Out of the blue a comment from him

Ma, please remember you are driving just a car, not a f16 fighter jet. Its not all that complicated.

Mamma driving in traffic and dennu’s advice to Mamma

Its just traffic, you are not in war zone

It so happened that Dennu and I had to go to church (normally it is all 3 of us together). In an attempt to get Dennu to sit in the front pew with me, tried cajoling him, saying, Baby sit with me today please..

Dennu : No ma, sorry I cant. You know, I want people to think you are still single.

Mamma’s jaw dropping moment :-) dennu walking in front of me, turned back and says, Ma, I just paid a compliment and you are supposed to say thank you :-)

I was driving back from my parents home which is pretty far and suddenly the heavens open up and it was pouring huge bucket drops.

While it was thrilling to drive, I was equally scared. Dennu was sitting with me, enjoying the rain and also had rolled the windows down a bit for the cool breeze to hit his face. On top of all this there was thunder and lightning. I was expressing my fear to dennu and he says, don’t worry ma What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
I am also thinking he must be watching too many movies :-) am also impressed that he is using the dialogues aptly.

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