Wednesday, January 09, 2013

New Year Post

2013 has arrived and we are already 10 days into the new year – nevertheless its not too late to wish you all a “A blessed New year!”

2013 brought my biggest dormant fear live. Couple of days into the new year, the 12th standard public examination Time table was released. I am sure you would want to know - 1st of March is when the exam begins. Me tensed ? worried? No you have it wrong. I am petrified. What a way to begin a year I say!

The last month was worse, if not bizarre. One of my cousins in her early thirties was diagnosed with cancer, and had to go through an immediate surgery. Before all of us cousins, got out of that shock, another cousin, a little older than me, had a heart condition that needed an open heart surgery. Unfortunately, she swapped some medication and ended up with a blood clot in the brain and had to go through an emergency surgery in her head before the heart surgery. How weird can it get?

Another young cousin, had to go through a simple gynaec surgery. She is the type who is scared of even an injection, and was very worried about the surgery. On the day of the surgery, all arrangements made, the nursing assistant called her name, and there she went – swooning down. Her pressure dropped and had to postpone her surgery. Her surgery was successful, initially, but she developed some complications later and had to come under the knife again, within 3 days of the first surgery. Poor soul. My maternal uncle had to go through an heart surgery second time, due to complications, an unexpected one again.

A close friends father and another friend’s mom ( at least this one I got to hear later) were in the hospital as they suffered heart attacks. All these in the month of December, keeping us on tenterhooks.

So many families in the hospital, more than wishing each other Christmas we were taking updates from the ICU’s of various hospitals across the country. More calls were made to comfort and console each other.

Christmas was nothing but sober. Ammama, is still on all our minds and hearts, and after all this growing up, many of us feel orphaned without her. :-( a new year without Ammama - I need to get used to this.

The positive thing about 2013 is all my unwell cousins, uncle and friends’ parents are out of ICU’s, recovering well, back at their homes. So, after all the dark black clouds, time for the silver lining.

A grandchild is on his/her way – My sister is expecting a baby. Dennu, is going to be a real Big brother. My parents would be seeing a baby feet after 10 years in the family and they are more than thrilled.

My wish for you as we traverse through this year, 2013, is this - strength for the day, Rest for the labor, Light for the way, Grace for the trials, Help from above, unfailing sympathy and undying love. Godspeed.


  1. achhoo..nalla soneenga ponga...enakum oru peria exam iruku starting march..more at a peronsal-official level...ipolenthay mandai kudaainjing on how to tackle it..guess it should go always.

    Engada ungala kadai pakkam romba naala kaanumay paatha ithaan reasona..hopsitalsoda allaaditrunthirukeenga!! gud thing as u say is..the ordeal is over and they all wud've come back with gud health..thats the best thing. Hope the gudness continues from there onwards into the year. Advance wishes for ur lil einstein. Public examnu solli beethiya kelapidaatheenga :) more than the kids..the parents wud be trembling...neenga tension aagama iruntheengannalay pasanga relax aadiuvanga :)

    1. Thanks for your Advice from the point of view of the children. Lil Einstein is as cool as ever - only I am worried. I was not this tensed for my own exams. ever.

      All the best for your exams too, at office. you will come out with flying colours Gils.

  2. Oh No - that's a tough start to the year - the only inexcusable cause for worry being the 12th standard examination timetable !

    Wishing you a year with no visits or even the thought of a hospital for any loved one.


    1. this is one of the best wishes that i need this year. :-) thank you Ramesh. I guess only mothers ( atleast most of them i know) see the exam timetables as a worry. Trying hard not to. :-)

  3. Hi, Landed up here while bloghopping, glad to meet you. We have many similarities like being a keralite but born and brought up outside it, from the same industry , Chalakkudy connection etc. and I loved your posts and poems. Glad to know that all your cousins are now doing good, May the year bring lots of happiness, good health and prosperity to you and your family.

    take care

    1. Hey soulsearchingdays, good to know you liked my blogposts. I am honoured that you came and left a comment. thanks for your new year wishes too.

  4. That seems too much to deal with. I wish you peace and strength to help others around you to see them thru their trials!

  5. What a lovely wish Bins. thank you. New year wishes to you too.


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