Friday, July 20, 2012

A lazy saturday morning and a reason to be thrilled to bits

Today is one of those days that I wish were in plenty in a month.   After sending  Sonny to school, (he insisted on a lunch from his canteen probably fed up of my lunches, no he specifically said all his friends were planning to eat together at the canteen today,  with hubby dear away on a trip and will not return till this evening, read midnight,  the compulsive cleaning / dusting /vaccuming  of our home done last saturday, today looks like a dreamers paradise.

Havent been getting any ME time of late,  and I am determined to make the best of the day.  After a quick breakfast I sat down to give a hard look at my blog, added some gadgets, do you see the difference on my bliog? ( BTW, Vincy Who are you speaking to?  Still fantasising a reader base?  - just a little self-reprimand folks) and also blog waltzed into reflections.  I should say the blog is simply good and my kinda space.  Loved reading everything that i managed to read in a couple of hours.   Like I mentioned in the comment that I left her, truly felt like a kid in a candy store. :-) yep I left a comment for her following one of her tips in her blog post.

I  really didnt have a topic in mind when i started to blog today and I know some days the topic evolves and you stumble on stuff enexpectedly, like how met Diana online. :-)  I have to tell you something about my self, I have been dilly dallying about changing the look and feel of my hair  for the last 5 years.  yeah you saw it right it was last 5 years.  

I even tried temporary stratightening a couple of times to check how it actually looks and though I was convinced about the way my hair fell on my shoulders, I was wondering if i might lose more hair or if i will damage what i already have.  I should tell you this, I like my original texture of my hair and though it is not as thick as it used to be when i was younger, its still decent and I do end up getting some compliments for my hair.  Its just that the devil gets into your head sometimes and just plays some pranks and some of these thoughts never get away until you give in to the temptations.

I know I will not get any support from my hubby dear as he feels strongly against anything done to my hair - just that he stopped commenting on it these days as he knew I cannot be controlled on matters of mane.  :-) So finally I took that important decision just before my birthday that I am going in for an hair smoothening treatment and told myself that this one i am doing for myself, a gift to myself on my 42nd birhtday and nothing was going to stop me.  I also wanted to surpirse ( to be read as create displeasure) everyone at home and booked an appointment with my beautician. 

If you read my earlier post here, you would know my dad had a surgery on my birthday and my date with the beautician had to be cancelled.  With my dad going through a surgery i was in no mood to go in for a life defining decision for myself.  So it got put off to later and finally I got it done the beginning of this month and I should tell you I just love the feel of it.  It feels good, my hair does not feel messy these days, not many bad hair days and the best part is even in the dust and grime of Chennai where i live, I manage to leave my hair loose.  I just love running my fingers through my hair, the hair fall surprisingly has reduced - i was so worried, I even begged pardon to my hair for putting it through chemical and heat treatments as part of this process and was pleading it not to protest by dropping off.

So, I am loving myself and I also coincided my hair smoothening just before my team meeting so I got to show off my new found fantasy.

I am now leaving you all with a picture taken during the meeting that I was MCing, by one of my silent team mates without my knowledge,

Dont I look quite content with myself?  I am.

Folks you would do me a favour if you leave a comment. wont you? besides, I truly  would love listening to you, so dont forget to leave a comment on my blog :-)


  1. wow..ivlo varushama u've been blogging!!!! thanks for ur comments ...poemlaam post panreenga!! peria level appatakkara irupeengalo!? :))

    1. I started to blog to vent out my thoughts so have been keeping to myself. With a career in IT and a family I never went beyond that. I think so otherwise now. True appatakkar title goes to gils. :-) I will try catching up with you :-)

  2. U look gorgeous Vincy.....I can just imagine ur excitement;-D. A friend of mine has curly hair & has been straightening it for the past 3 yrs. She loves it. As for me I have straight hair...ohhhh how I wish it was curly, I love curly hair;-(

    Thanks for the mention....I don't take what I write very seriously & have also become very sporadic. Keep thinking stopping[blogging ie]. And then I get a lovely comment and I'm like... rejuvenated, thank U:-))!!!!

    1. I can imagine how all your other blog followers feel about you coming back to blogging - I am your recent follower, and I am waiting for September to you to get back to blogging.

      Noooooooooooo.. you definitely are not stopping (blogging). you have to get back to it in September. remember, you've given your word to all of us.. he he.. till then please enjoy your blog break.

    2. and hey in my excitement forgot to tell you a big Thank you. I feel so good that you commented on my blog. :-)


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