Saturday, June 04, 2011

How can you not forgive?

( If a post script is written even before completion of main content, can we call it pre script?  If yes, here is a prescript - This post was written a couple of days back and I hadnt published it.)

I tried changing views of a person, a very close family member about his views on another family member. My intention was not to fight, but it turned out to be just that. All I wanted was harmony around and ensure everyone was happy in the family. Not only did this person misunderstand me completely, it so happened that we did disagree on some things.

And the constant pain of the conversation kept nagging me all through the day, inspite of my intense work schedule. It is just not going away from my mind. I am saddened that I had to disagree, in an attempt to bring joy in the family, I have done just the opposite and I love everyone that I don’t want to win some and lose the others.
What I just cannot comprehend or fathom is the fact that how anyone harbor anger for years together ? How can you move on in life with resentment about an incident or a person? Why cant you simply forgive and forget? Is it Ego? Is it your cultural upbringing ? Is it the religion, values or society? Any of these or all of these put together cannot and should not compete with Love. And if Love was present all these should just obscure into oblivion. Shouldn’t it?
Life is short, so small compared to the huge expanse of the milkyway and our lives in this universe is just a miniscule of a moment – generations come and go and people get angry over some insignificant stuff in life.

Forgiving someone is easily said than done. I know it. I have gone through the terrible grind of this – I almost have become insane doing it. But let me tell you its worth it. Worth every bit of it.

If not for others, for your own self, forgiving and moving on is worth its salt.

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