Sunday, August 24, 2008


People in anyone's lives could be permanent ( with you forever like your parents, siblings) or could be temporary ( like workplace colleagues) or could be seasonal ( like friends) and their timings in your life could move between anyone of these....
And you end up being in love with people for different reasons - sometimes because of the blood relation, sometimes because of the way you relate to the other person. Sometimes because the other person was with you in times of trouble and anxiety and sometimes because of gratitude.
In any relationship, there are expectations from both sides. Its very rare that you have relationship in which you do not have any such expectations. Anyway I am not trying to make a point on relationships or love.
Inspite of all the things in your life, wealth, job, family, friends etc., there are moments when you feel so lonely, so alone in this world, so bare that you wonder where has all this gone... and thats reality.
there are many times i keep wondering that one day I would die... just go down to the earth where i came from ( BTW, how is that I came from earth ?) and how will it feel to be alone there rotting in the coffin... very scary thought right?
Amidst all the fear, loneliness, frustation some times there are some people who cross your mind and you are suddenly grateful for their presence in your life. They might never be aware of their importance in your life. but thats' reality.
There is also another reality - whatever I have written down is not what i wanted to blog about. i am just beating around the bush about things that dont matter to me at the moment. Still I am continuing.. why? I do not know... But that is reality too....


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