Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I need to talk about him. And definitely he comes first in my life.

Do I love him? No, I just adore him. Known him since my early childhood and the kind of conversations that I had with him, I never had it with anyone else in my life. He is so understanding, patient, loving, kind and caring and best of all he is there whenever I need.

He's a big guy but I guess whenever I have needed him, he's been next to me answering my call. There are no secrets between us, there definitely are some secrets that are just ours alone. There is just noone between us - just HIM and ME.

He works in mysterious ways and to me offers 24/7 service and is willing to sit up with me as long I need. Has made me feel many times that I am the only person who has mattered to him in this entire world. I feel great with him around.

The trust that I have on him is growing by the minute and God, I wonder what I will do without him! The best part of our friendship is I'm myself with him. No pretensions ( it wont work with him ) No predudices, just Love and its' such a bliss to have known someone like him. He can read my mind with such clarity that therez no point in hiding facts to him.

He is my confidence, his acheivements are my motivation and I turn around to him and only to him in times of despair and tears, 'coz I know he is the only one who truly understands me. Yes, when the whole world beleives in my wide smile and chirpy chatter, he is the only one who sees the pain in my heart and disappointments in my eyes.

I can rant, rave, yell, cry, kick and throw tantrums and he will just listen and peacefully explain why things did not go my way or why it cant. I have never faced rejection and in moments of loneliness his thoughts can lift my soul up.

He reaches my thoughts and touches my being in many simple ways,

A whiff of fresh air,
Soft music,
the pitter-patter of rain,
the rambling of an ocean,
smiles of people,
greenery around
my favourite song in the choir

and I feel his omnipresence always -
And Jeez yes,
I am talking about you,